Broadband Renewal Program

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Broadband Renewal Program


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Terms and conditions for renewing the commitment period for the bundled broadband service over fiber (FTTH) offers:


Since the subscriber is a beneficiary of bundled internet offers over Fiber lines (FTTH) “current offer” and wants to renew his subscription contract with Jordan Telecommunications Company (Orange) in the current offer and get additional features, the subscriber has agreed and acknowledged the conditions set forth below:


  • These terms and conditions are considered an integral part with the service subscription contract signed by the subscriber and to be read with it as a single unit for all purposes.
  • It is agreed that any previous additional features obtained by the subscriber on the current offer (including promotional offers and/or free months and/or devices and additional features) when subscribing to the current offer before renewal will be expired at the end of the commitment period with the current offer.
  • According to the provisions of this agreement, the subscriber wishes to renew the service subscription contract for a similar period, in exchange for obtaining the benefit detailed in these terms and conditions and / or their appendices (hereinafter referred to as the "feature"). And since the calculation of the preferential monthly subscription is based on the commitment period, and in exchange for the subscriber committing to pay the financial allowances for the “commitment period” in full, either in cash in one payment for the commitment period, or in installments / monthly subscription, each payment is due upon issuance of the monthly invoice for the duration of the commitment period.
  • By virtue of this agreement, the subscriber undertakes to keep his subscription active for a period of two years, which is referred to in this agreement as the "commitment period" starting from the date of the company's (Orange) approval of the subscriber's request sent to the subscriber via a short text message (SMS).
  • In the event that the subscriber wishes to terminate the contract before the end of the "commitment period" mentioned in Clause (3) above, or if the subscriber fails to pay any monthly installment/monthly subscription on time, the remainder and all remaining monthly installments/  subscriptions until the end of the commitment period become due and payable immediately without warning or notice from Orange, and without prejudice to the company's (Orange) right to suspend the service in the event that the subscriber fails to pay any monthly installment on time and according to what is contained in the terms and conditions related to the offer, as the preferential price and the features have been granted in exchange for commitment to the above period.
  • The subscriber acknowledges that he understands all the terms herein, the terms of the service subscription contract, and the terms and conditions of the offer for which he wants to renew his commitment period. In the event of non-compliance with any of them, Orange has the right to claim the price of the feature and the termination fees mentioned in Clause (5) above, in addition to the value of any invoices and / or subscriptions incurred by the subscriber, according to the account statements issued by Orange which the subscriber acknowledges are correct and waiving his right to object to what is stated therein.
  • The subscriber acknowledges that the Orange has the right to collect any differences arising from the subscriber under this agreement so that these amounts become part of his obligations under the subscription contract and collected with it, and subject to all related terms and conditions.

I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions set out above