Affiliate Marketing Program "Tawasol"

Get commission with every sale of Orange subscriptions

*Terms and conditions apply


Affiliate Marketing Program



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Terms & Conditions


Dear user, please note that you can send Fiber/ ADSL requests via the link or via WhatsApp, and the commission will be calculated after activating the line by the technical team. The commission will be sent to your Orange Money wallet.

  • This service allows individuals to send the phone numbers of people interested in the Fiber/ ADSL services provided by Orange.
  • The sender will receive a commission when activating the subscription through the Orange Money wallet. If the service is not taken care of or the installation process is not completed for any reason, the sender will not receive the commission.
  • The amount of the commission is JD 20 for Fiber and JD 10 for ADSL, regardless of the offer that the subscriber chooses, and it will be spent only on the Orange Money wallet.
  • Activating the subscription means signing the contract and completing the extensions necessary to provide the Fiber/ ADSL services and deliver the service completely.
  • The company and its delegates bear the process of signing the contract and the necessary extensions.
  • The sender must open the Orange Money wallet or send the wallet number to receive the commission only.
  • The sender must confirm the wallet number through the announced WhatsApp number.
  • Any employee of Orange for direct and indirect sales is excluded from the program.
  • Terms and conditions apply, and the company has the right to change or stop the announced program.