Orange Jordan leads to be the first telecom sponsor for Jordan Air Ambulance Centre

Orange الأردن راعي الاتصالات الرئيسي لمركز الإسعاف الجوي الأردني

27 آذار 2016
​​(Amman, Jordan – March 10th , 2016) – Orange Jordan recently signed an agreement with the newly established Jordan Air Ambulance Centre (JAAC) to serve as the  premier telecom sponsor. Solidifying the partnership between the two entities, an agreement signing ceremony was held, and was attended by  executives  from both sides.Through this agreement, Orange Jordan will provide telecommunications services to JAAC. For the next two years, Orange will provide JAAC with bulk SMS services, wireless internet, and web hosting . in addition to sponsoring JAAC different activities .Speaking on the occasion, the CEO of Orange Jordan, Jérome Hénique, said, "We at Orange Jordan are proud to sponsor the Jordan Air Ambulance Centre. The establishment of the JAAC last year marked a major milestone for the Kingdom's healthcare sector, providing life-saving services and elevating the country's medical tourism landscape. Our decision to support this noble endeavor falls in line with our Essentials 2020 strategy, which places both the customer and the community at the core of our focus."Orange Jordan's Chief Enterprise Officer, Sami Smeirat, added, "Partnering with local organizations and businesses in order to elevate their services and operations has been and will continue to be a key focus area for Orange Jordan in the coming years. With a commitment to accompanying the transformation of our enterprise clients and partners, we are honored to be able to extend our support to the Jordan Air Ambulance Centre in order to contribute to its success, which we believe is pivotal to help elevate the health and wellbeing standards of the local population."JAAC CEO Rami Adwan also commented on the agreement, saying, "We at JAAC would like to thank Orange Jordan for its generous sponsorship and support. By providing a vast variety of telecom services, Orange is making a crucial contribution toward elevating Jordan's emergency healthcare services, and helping us to save lives across the Kingdom. We are honored to affirm their partnership."The Jordan Air Ambulance Centre was established through a royal directive in  2014 and started its operation in late 2015. As an independent government organization, JAAC aims to provide specialized rescue services, patient transfer, and air ambulance operations, with a particular focus on providing patients in remote areas of the Kingdom with improved access to hospitals and medical centers.As part of its comprehensive corporate social responsibility strategy, Orange Jordan seeks to elevate the Kingdom's healthcare sector by providing support to numerous organizations working to improve the health and wellness of the country's residents and visitors.-END-
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