Orange Jordan reinforces its commitment to Generations For Peace program

Orange Jordan reinforces its commitment to Generations For Peace program

9 أيار 2016
​Orange Jordan recently visited the Bilal Bin Rabah School, one of the many schools where Generations For Peace (GFP), operates to address the issue of violence in schools and promote leadership and creativity through the Jordan Schools Program. During the visit, 50 students coached by GFP trained volunteers demonstrated a Sport For Peace session. Partners since 2015, Orange Jordan remains dedicated to providing GFP and its related Social Cohesion Program with direct and in-kind support, as well as all of its telecommunications needs. Present during the visit were Orange Jordan CEO, Jérôme Henique and GFP staff. Commenting on the visit, Orange Jordan CEO, Jérôme Hénique, said, "We are proud to be a continued supporter of GFP's innovative and effective programs that are designed to bring about peace and understanding in a very diverse region of the world. Having a mutual goal with GFP at its core, Orange Jordan is dedicated to changing lives by connecting people and improving communication. We hope to lead by example and attract other companies and organizations to support the overarching mission of GFP, which goes hand-in-hand with the mission of Orange Jordan. " Hénique went on to say that through Essentials 2020, Orange Jordan is intrinsically linked to the community in which it operates. As this is one of its key drivers, accompanying the transformation of its enterprise customers – in this case, GFP – is one of the foundations upon which Orange Jordan can contribute to creating a stronger, more progressive society.GFP CEO, Mark Clark said, "We are delighted Orange Jordan CEO, Jérôme Henique, had the opportunity to see the great work of GFP's volunteers and the significant impact of the Jordan Schools Program. In addition to reducing the risk of violence, the program aims to strengthen relations between teachers and students, and improve overall academic performance. GFP's Jordan-based programs continue to go from strength to strength with the valued support and commitment of Orange Jordan, and we look forward to building a lasting partnership." Through the continuous dedication to the organization, Orange Jordan serves as a telecom partner of GFP's Jordan Schools Program, which targets schools that are at increased risk of violence – both verbal and physical – due to a variety of underlying social issues. Its connected Social Cohesion Program, which aims to transform and mediate otherwise violent conflicts through carefully facilitated Sport and Art For Peace activities, strengthens social cohesion and resilience at the community level.Focusing on specific milestones that have been set by Essentials 2020, Orange Jordan aims to be at the top of the telecommunications industry by not only improving its products and services, but also by having an excellent repertoire of organizations targeted by its corporate social responsibility program. 
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