Orange Jordan sponsors charity work of Mujaddidun Society for Charity and Development

Orange Jordan sponsors charity work of Mujaddidun Society for Charity and Development

7 حزيران 2017
​With the advent of the holy month of Ramadan and as part of its corporate social responsibility towards the underprivileged of the Jordanian community, Orange Jordan recently announced its sponsorship of the activities and charity work of the Mujaddidun Society for Charity and Development for the duration of the month, in the aim of effecting positive and sustainable change in the Kingdom. The sponsorship includes broad participation of members of Orange Jordan’s NAMA Volunteer Club.  The society’s Ramadan campaign targets underprivileged groups in various parts of the Kingdom and is comprised of many charitable activities, including daily Ramadan tents for orphans, the elderly, and people with special needs in Amman, Irbid, Zarqa, and Aqaba, as well as providing daily Iftar meals for 6,000 people. The campaign also features the distribution of 3,300 charity packages and 230 meat packages to underprivileged families, in addition to light meals for drivers when it comes time for Iftar.   Orange Jordan expressed its happiness on the occasion of joining the Mujaddidun Society for Charity and Development in its activities and charity work during Ramadan, as the two entities work together to bring joy to the hearts of everyone around the country, embodying the true values ​​of the holy month.  Orange Jordan is committed to serving the local community across all sectors and segments through its strategic partnerships with civil society organizations, which goes in line with its corporate social responsibility strategy inspired by the main pillars of its five-year corporate strategy, Essentials 2020.  The Mujaddidun Society for Charity and Development was established in 2009 and is based on four principles: development, faith in the idea that drives work and co-existence, finding a common space for volunteers to develop, and empowering young people for practical education.  -END-
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