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The compass that guides all our actions. As a trusted partner, Orange gives everyone the keys to a responsible digital world


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value and behavior

Values and Behavior

Our purpose was included in the group's internal regulations during the shareholders' meeting held on May 19th, 2020, and this is a very important step because it clarifies the meaning of our business activities and our contribution to social and environmental responsibility.

We Adhere to Our Purpose

Our Purpose:

As a trusted Partner, Orange gives everyone the keys to a responsible digital world, by taking the advantage of all innovative technologies and services throughout the Kingdom to be accessible to everyone. Our mission is to provide a variety of digital services designed to be used with responsibility also to include all the requirements and aspirations, in order to ensure a safe and easy digital life for individuals and companies alike.

Why do we include it in Our Internal Regulation?

our puropose

As a group, we realize that our leading role and position in the society is accompanied by the importance of planning for the future, and to do so we have adopted one of our most important values which represented by the active participation for all, as we have been keen to listen to customers, shareholders and business owners.

"We based our purpose formulating on the visions and opinions expressed by customers, employees, partners, shareholders and all stakeholders, because our current and future vital role affects all their lives in one way or another.

our puropose

We aim to enhance our tangible impact through our digital services in line with global developments, our responsibility and our commitment to the environment and society. We have adopted this purpose to direct our strategy, our business, our activities and our programs for social responsibility, so it has become at the core of everything we do at Orange Jordan, and as a framework that we adhere to within Orange Group's global direction".

The Purpose

A More Responsible Digital World

Our purpose is to contribute to a more responsible digital world, and our starting point is communities. In this aspect, we have focused on attention, transparency, quality and comprehensiveness, which constitute adding value and quality to all what we provide, including our services, strategic partnerships, and our social responsibility programs.

The base in formulating our purpose depends on our position as a power for positive economic change. Achieving this purpose is concentrated in three main aspects: adopting the purpose within our internal regulation, buildup digital inclusion and preserving the environment, the company, society and the planet.

The Purpose within our Internal Regulation

The Purpose within our Internal Regulation

The Purpose within our Internal Regulation

Orange purpose was developed over a period of months of 2019, and included the participation of employees from all the group companies, including Orange Jordan employees. A consultation to internal and external stakeholders, including representatives from departments, board members, NGOs, research centers, clients, authorities, sub-contract holders and investors, was done to build a participatory methodology.

This cooperation has contributed to make all Orange employees partners in making and achieving the purpose.

In addition to our daily business activities, our purpose defines our long-term vision and our primary role as a company in the society. First in terms of creating value and secondly in contributing to the public interest. We always start any step of the company, believing that the source of the positive change must be from inside of our regulation, and the best evidence for this is the employees did not only participate in formulating this purpose, but they work, as we work together, in order to translate it on the ground and embody it in the company's decisions and our relations with customers, partners, shareholders and different sectors.

Buildup Digital Inclusion

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As part of the society in which we work and being a leading and responsible provider, we have the ability to enable more people and companies to reap the benefits of the rapid technical progress, as we are keen to be the first in coverage and quality everywhere and at any time.

Based on our purpose, we are working to buildup digital inclusion through guarantee that the services will reach all parts of the Kingdom and for all community layers in order to cover the requirements of youth, women, and disabilities in particular, and the largest possible number of people in general.

Orange Jordan launched the umbrella "Differently Abled, Defiantly Enabled” to include initiatives and solutions that enable people with disabilities to make greater use of modern technologies, in addition to the 14 Orange Community Digital Centers spread across the Kingdom and other initiatives that contribute to expanding the circle of digital inclusion.

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Preservation of the Environment

Protecting the planet from the damages caused by climate change requires increasing reliance on clean and renewable energy, especially at the level of large companies such as Orange. Our commitment to preserving the environment has directed us to rapidly convert to clean, renewable energy into a green company.

In this regard, the solar fields project in Amman and Mafraq from Orange Jordan has been able to cover 65% of our company's energy needs, and we seek with all our activities and initiatives to encourage environmental practices, either through educating employees or constantly looking for methods that enable us as a leading and responsible supplier to preserve Our planet in a great shape.