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A subsidiary of the global Orange Foundation that serves as a social innovation advocate of Orange group.


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About Orange Foundation (global)

The Orange Foundation has been a driver of the Group’s commitment for over 30 years. Today, many employees are active in the field, everywhere, making digital technology an enabler of equal opportunity.

The Orange Group is proud to contribute to its development, but it is also aware of its responsibility. That is why we undertake to provide offers that respect the planet and people, to help everybody enjoy access to the possibilities that new technologies open up and to contribute to the economic and social development of the countries where the Orange Group is present. Our action supports two United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Digital technology can really help unemployed jobseekers, creating openings through its many new functions, giving those who are worst off access to education and healthcare. Making digital technology even more useful to the community is the Orange Foundation’s priority. For those who do not even have the basics, our Foundation also provides solutions to improve living conditions.

Since 2005 we have been supporting philanthropic projects in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, in the countries where the Orange group is present as an operator. Through our local foundations we work in close proximity with local people. Today we are expanding the frontiers of our work with digital solidarity, implementing major programmes in health, disability, education and culture.

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Orange Foundation (global)
Strategic Directions

Building a model focused on the needs of local stakeholders and Orange's position
The Foundation has a multi-location approach, depending on the needs of countries and the Group's position. From 2023, priority will be given to the employability of youth and more international projects.
Consolidating the sustainable impact to empower Organizations
The Foundation is a social innovation advocate that supports social associations and organizations that will become independent over time. It helps to implement a framework allowing Orange to trial projects creating an impact.
Extending the financing model to scale up projects
The Foundation is transitioning from a limited budget approach by developing new project finance methods. The Foundation is developing the ability to create and lead projects collaboratively with multiple stakeholders (both internally with corporate and externally with partners and countries) as well as to deploy common international projects (multi-country).
future facing
Helping to professionalize impact culture
The Foundation is keen to inspire the Group to develop an impact culture, which is essential to creating value in the future, becoming a benchmark in its ability to measure and manage impact.

On the Society

Our Impact




Social & Professional
inclusion through digital






Access to culture

About Orange
Foundation Jordan

In 2020, Orange Foundation Jordan (the Future Pioneers for Development and Initiatives Company) was established as a limited liability non-profit company.

The Foundation operates as a pivotal facet of Orange’s global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative and serves as a social innovation advocate of Orange group.

With a steadfast commitment to have sustainable impact and to empower organizations and community, the Foundation thrives on partnerships and collaborations, with a network that spans across the Kingdom.

Get to know our

Orange Foundation Team

Mr. Philippe Mansour
Chairman of the Management Committee
Mr. Raslan Deiranieh
francoise Cosson
Francoise Cosson
Member of the Board of Directors
Eng. Rana Al Dababneh
Managing Director
ojo foundation

Orange Foundation
Jordan Objectives

The goals and objectives of the Foundation are perceived as a long-term goals, objectives, and commitments:

  • Establish an academic and research center for academic initiatives, activities, research and other non-profit initiatives and activities.
  • Prepare studies on the needs of local communities for small-scale projects and technical training for the development and advancement of such projects to serve the company’s business.
  • Hold and organize training courses in awareness, environmental management, sustainable development, and capacity building.
  • Train society members in the areas of sustainable economic and social growth, environmental responsibility, health, culture, and science in accordance with the provisions of the law.
  • Cooperate with international and local non-governmental societies to develop local communities.

Our Mission

Orange Foundation Jordan aims to support the national socio-economic development through academic initiatives in the areas of sustainable economic and social growth, environmental responsibility, health, culture, and science.

Orange Foundation Jordan's

Main Projects

Digital Solidarity
Digital Solidarity

Orange Foundation Jordan believes in the importance of integrating everyone in the local community, especially youth and women, and for this reason it constantly seeks to reach everyone and provide a tangible impact that contributes to positive change and development.

Cultural Solidarity

Orange Foundation Jordan believes in the importance of positive change in the society, and for this purpose the Foundation provides the necessary support for projects that have a tangible impact on the lives of all members of the society to change for the better.

health and autism
Health and Autism

Orange Foundation Jordan believes in the importance of the health sector in the lives of individuals and our society, which in turn will reflect positively on the future and health of future generations.