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People With Disability 

“Differently Abled, Definitely Enabled” is Orange Jordan’s umbrella for programs that integrate and ensure digital access of people with disabilities.

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Based on Orange Jordan’s role in integrating and including people with disabilities in society, we present to you the Digital Inclusion Catalogue which introduces our shops, devices and applications designed to make our services accessible to everyone, including persons with disabilities and elderly people.

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Key Achievements

The program has taken several steps to enhance accessibility for ..

People with physical disabilities and elderly
  • Orange Jordan has made 13 of its shops accessible
  • Under Orange Jordan’s strategic partnership with Al Hussein Society /Jordan Center for Training & Inclusion, the company supported the establishment of a rehabilitation center with programs for people with physical disabilities.
  • Orange Jordan awarded two scholarships to university students with physical disability, who are majoring in technology-related disciplines.
  • In partnership with the Jordanian Cartoonist Omar Al-Abdallat, Orange Jordan held workshops for students with physical disabilities to help them express themselves through drawing
hearing impairment
People with hearing impairment
  • In partnership with the Higher Council for the Affairs of Persons with Disabilities and Sign Book, Orange Jordan launched a temporary emergency line to serve people with hearing impairment during COVID-19 lockdown.
  • In partnership with SignBook, Orange Jordan offers a sign language interpretation service at its shops
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People with visual impairment
  • Orange Jordan has made its website accessible
  • Orange Jordan offers its customers with visual impairment some audio contracts on the website
  • Orange Jordan offers E-Sh7anli solution
All people with disabilities
  • Orange Jordan offers people with disabilities better employment opportunities.
  • Orange Jordan has provided the sales agents with training on how to deal with people with disabilities.
  • Orange Jordan supported “Qaderoon” Media Campaign which aimed to change the negative stereotypes about disabled people through telling success stories.

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Orange Jordan CSR programs are designed with care to bridge digital divide and to empower communities’ and people’s digital lives especially for Youth, Women and People with Disabilities.

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Community Digital Centers

A wide range of training courses for young people..

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Orange Al Yarmouk Lab

The lab provides students with the needed skills for work environment after graduation, in addition to improve their entrepreneurial ideas

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Innovation Hub

Is a place where futuristic ideas and current realities are knit together with cutting-edge technology, to bring new ideas to life.