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Orange Coding Academy

The first academy of its kind in the Middle East providing youth with world-class free training in programming languages and in-demand skills.

About Orange Coding Academy

In response to the escalating demand for skilled programmers within both local and regional markets, Orange Jordan has steadfastly committed itself to nurturing a new generation proficient in these crucial skills.
The Coding Academy by Orange, inaugurated in June 2019, in collaboration with, embarked on its mission to provide comprehensive, tuition-free 6-month training courses in coding languages, complemented by a month-long internship within tech and tech-enabled companies. Each year, students are selected to join the Academy through a competitive admissions process.
Building on its initial success, our coding academy graduates now boast an impressive 85% employment rate across all cohorts. This affirms the efficiency of the academy’s teaching methodology, curricula, and academic staff. Moreover, the academy has expanded across the kingdom's governorates. It has established academies in Irbid, Zarqa, Balqa, and Aqaba, further extending its impact and accessibility.


What does the Academy Offer?

  • 6 months of cost-free boot camp training course.
  • 1 month internship in one of tech& tech enabled companies.
  • Intensive courses led by expert trainers in technical and soft skills, providing active-pedagogy experiences tailored to market demands and trends.
  • Networking opportunities with companies in local and international markets to facilitate students' access to income generation opportunities.

what are the

Academy Goals

Train and empower
Youth to enhance their opportunities in the digital sector in Jordan
Meet the market need
Meet to the needs of local and global markets to meet the increasing demand for qualified programmers.
Lead the digital transformation
In the local community by transforming the youth from technology consumers to producers.
Professional development
Give youth a second chance to develop professionally


Eligibility Criteria

Am I eligible to enter the academy?

You have motivation
The applicant must have the motivation & well to learn programming.
Your Age
Be between the ages of 18 and 30 years old
Ability to Commit
Ready to commit to 7 months of full-time training, without attending university or holding a job during this period
You passed the interviews
To pass the personal interviews conducted by Orange managers.

What people say



I'm an ambitious architecture engineer who is also passionate about decoration handcrafts. I took the initiative to join an academy where I learned how to create my own website to showcase and sell my products online. My dedication and skills were recognized by Orange, leading to an opportunity to work as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer at Orange Jordan.

Ghayda Alrabee
Software Quality Assurance Engineer at Orange Jordan

I am an ambitious graduate of Al Balqa Applied University's Higher Diploma program in Artificial Intelligence. Eager to expand my skills, I joined Al Balqa Coding Academy where I excelled in web development. Through hard work and dedication, I secured a position at ReachSci Jordan, where I continue to apply and grow my expertise in the field.

Musab AL Zoubi
Web Developer at ReachSci Jordan

I made a bold choice during my second year at Aqaba Jordan University. At just 20 years old, I decided to join the Irbid Coding Academy, even though it was a  considerable distance away from my hometown of Zarqa. Despite the challenges of traveling around 1 and a half hours to the academy, I persevered and successfully graduated as a full-stack web developer. Building on my achievements, I embarked on a parallel journey, working as a Full Stack Web Developer with MenaITech Company in Amman while continuing my studies in Aqaba.

Majd Sfaira
Full Stack Web Developer at MenaITech

I'm a telecommunications engineer who graduated five years ago. I'm married and a mother to a wonderful child. I have applied to the Orange Academy and was selected as one of the final students for the second cohort in Irbid. That marked the beginning of my fascinating journey into programming, guided by a supportive team with extensive experience. During the training month, I received my first job offer, and now I proudly hold the position of a web developer at Luminous Key. This journey has been transformative, and I'm excited for what lies ahead.

Faten Kasasbeh
Web developer at Luminous Key

An ambitious 10th grade self-taught Programmer, fueled by a deep passion for continuous learning. It all started with online courses, sparking my curiosity, and driving me further into the world of programming. With courage, I embarked on a transformative journey at the Coding Academy by Orange, where I sharpened my skills and explored new horizons of knowledge. Today, I'm thrilled to share that I work as a full-stack web developer at Cryptonic-Art, where I experienced my very first interview.

Omar Hassouneh
Full-stack web developer at Cryptonic-Art

I am a Sudanese Front-End Developer who embarked on my coding journey after completing high school, starting at Orange Coding Academy. After successfully navigating the application process, I chose to specialize in front-end development through their comprehensive curriculum. Even with just a high school diploma, I thrived during my training, thanks to the support of dedicated coaches and a collaborative environment. My graduation project, an interactive platform highlighting local products, secured funding, and evolved into a promising business venture.

Sajida Ajawin
Front End Web Developer

"The Coding Academy by Orange was more than a place to learn to code. It was a place of friendship, teamwork, and most importantly, having a good time! During that time in the Academy, I've been surrounded by the smartest and most talented people I've ever seen, people that without them, my work would be impossible, people who really encourage you to keep going, despite the odds. Thank you Orange!"

Elias Nada
Back End Developer at Opensooq

"The Coding Academy opened new doors and created job opportunities for me. It helped to achieve a step towards my ambition; to become a software developer and Geographic Information Systems developer"

Ahmad Nsour
Software developer at Nesma

"The academy contributed to transferring knowledge to practical experiences. Through many projects, I learned self-learning! Like how to extract information from various sources, like search engines and how to document data"

Ahmad Taha
Digital Content Admin at Alef Education

"Before entering the academy, I had no clear vision about my future or my career path. But, thanks to the education I received at the academy and the guest speakers who were hosted to share their experiences in the labor market with us, I now have a clear vision! I honestly can say that the Academy cleared my way and made career-related decision-making much easier than ever."

Shaker Abbadi
Freelance SEO expert and Python developer

"The curriculum was comprehensive and covered Frontend and Backend web development using several programming languages and Frameworks. During the 6-months training, we have worked on a large number of practical projects, through which we applied everything we learned. Also, the active learning method has consolidated our research skills, giving us the ability to learn new things, and solve any problem that face us while programming."

Dheyaa Maali
Software Engineer at Mawdoo3

"I feel comfortable saying that the Coding Academy by Orange has put me on the right track. Now, I am able to work in what I am passionate about. During my time there, I had a terrific introduction and a wide exposure in web and mobile development technologies, which helped me to gain better understanding of how applications actually work."

Ahmad Al-Ghazawi
Software Developer at Nesma Company

"I was a Master’s student with no practical experience in programming, but after getting training at the Academy, I was able to get a job in the field through which I help young people learn programming. My passion for software development has grown and I have proved myself in its field."

Amal Daaja
Assistant Trainer at the Coding Academy by Orange

"The Coding Academy by Orange helped me to learn new programming languages and get to know what the labor market requires. By the end of my journey at the academy, I was able to get a job as a Software Engineer job in Mawdoo3 Company."

Rawabi Al Okour
Software Engineer at Mawdoo3

"In fact, the 6-months training journey gave me the confidence to take Freelance projects alongside my current job with companies in the United States. One of the projects that I have that I am proud of is developing a mobile application for the Jordanian e-government, and the government is satisfied with the final product."

Asem Qafqaf
Cloud Software Engineer & iOS Software Engineer

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