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Digital Centers

Orange Jordan, through its 26 Community Digital Centers strategically located throughout the country, serves as inclusive hubs for youth of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. These centers serve as platforms that empower the youth and equip them with the necessary skills to thrive in an increasingly competitive job market


Knowledge Stations

Orange Jordan renovated five digital centers that are affiliated to The Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship in Mafraq, al Dafyanih area, Mafraq city, Ajloun’s Kufranjah village, Salt’s al Ardah area and Tafila city, by providing them with the needed technology and furniture.

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Women's Digital Centers

In partnership with the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD), Orange empowers unprivileged women with digital and entrepreneurial skills to enable them to be independent and start their own projects.


Youth Centers

At Orange Community Digital Centers, we firmly believe in empowering individuals with digital skills and knowledge to thrive in the ever-evolving digital era. Our centers serve as a hub for learning and exploration, providing a range of comprehensive courses and resources designed to enhance youth digital literacy and open up a world of opportunities.

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Courses Offered


Digital Skills

Orange digital centers offer intensive training courses that highlight various skills such as: ICT, gaming and information security.


Soft Skills

The centers offer a variety of soft skills courses such as: Time management, Communication Skills for Development, Work Ethics and Positive Thinking.


Entrepreneurial Skills

The centers provide youth with Entrepreneurial and Management Skills, Startups Building Basics and Leadership Skills.


Employability Skills

Cover many topics such as Personal Effectiveness (Self Awareness), Results Orientation, Time Management Strategies and Goal Setting, Team Building and Effective Team Work skills.

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Orange Digital Village

Amman, Abdali area, King Hussein street, Orange Digital Village

Yarmouk Innovation Lab

Al Yarmouk University – Al Hijjawi Faculty – Innovation & Entrepreneurship center

Orange CSR



The ambition of Eman Al Salman is to support people around her, and with the skills she developed in the Women Digital Center, she was able to help the community with her project. Let us know more.

Eman Al Salman

May be she was not able to complete her education as she wanted, but she was able to grow up her entrepreneur project! Samira Al-Mutlaq inspires us with her journey with the Women's Digital Center, one of Johud programs supported by Orange.

Samira Al-Mutlaq

Learn about Lubna Al-Samhan's project, which contributes to preserving the environment by recycling car tires, and the impact of the training she received from the Women's Digital Center in developing her project.

Lubna Al Samhan

“Never stop and keep improving your skills,” the message of of Ibtisam  Al Shoaara, owner of the Olivera farm project. Learn about the story of this creative lady.

Ibtisam Al Shoaara

Faiza Al-Harout is non-stoppable by anything. Despite all the challenges, she is expanding her project with the skills she gained through the training in the Women's Digital Center, one of Johud programs supported by Orange.

Faiza Al-Harout

Let's see Suhair Al-Smadi, the owner of Zain & Maria project, who developed her project after taking training at the Women's Digital Center. One of Johud programs supported by Orange

Suhair Al-Smadi

Aya is 20 years old, her age is young, but her dreams are very big. She developed her skills further with the digital training that she took at the Women's Digital Center in Kufranja.


"Before getting the scholarship, I used to work and study at the same time which affected my academic results. But, when I won Orange’s scholarship through JOHUD, I was able to focus on my major and, even, participate in the local edition Hult Prize Competition in which I placed first. Today, I work with my team on a project that aims to solve youth unemployment issue in Jordan"

Mu’iad Al Ashhab
Industrial Engineer


"The courses that I attended in the Digital Women's Centers affiliated to Orange contributed to the development of communication and presentation skills, computer skills, and also contributed to overcome the weaknesses that existed inside me, product development and strengthening social media management when I participated in electronic stores."

Kafa Abu Shleih


"After I finished the necessary training courses at the Digital Women Center, I learned how to do a feasibility study for the project, online paid ads, create a YouTube channel, and I also developed and learned how to deal with customers. I learned how to make a budget and do feasibility study that enrich my practical experience in life and how to reach success."

Ghada Khryous
Home-Based Kitchen Project


"After I received the necessary training courses at the Digital Women Center, I was able to manage my project in all areas, as my marketing skills improved, which led to improvement of production and sales, and also increase my personal communication skills with the society"

Sawsan Al-Herbawi
Home-Based Kitchen Project


"A person without project management courses is like an illiterate person, especially when it comes to using computers. I am one of the people who could not use the computer, and after taking computer courses at the Digital Women Center by Orange, I was able to save and collect all the data. Through communication and presentation skills, I was able to introduce myself and spread my product culture with ease, and I was also able to reach an entrepreneurial project after taking an entrepreneurship course."

Samira Al Mutlaq
President of Al-Yusra Women Cooperative


"The Women’s Digital Center’s courses have helped me to develop my soft skills, problem-solving skills and communication skills. I also learned how to communicate with clients, study the market and create project and budget plans. I gained computer skills and learned how to work on social media platforms to market my products, which increased my sales and revenues and connected me with online markets"

Ibtisam Al Shuara
President of Al-Yusra Women Cooperative

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Digital Inclusion's Other Categories

Orange Jordan CSR programs are designed with care to bridge digital divide and to empower communities’ and people’s digital lives especially for Youth, Women and People with Disabilities.


Orange Al Yarmouk Lab

The lab provides students with the needed skills for work environment after graduation, in addition to improve their entrepreneurial ideas


Digital Accessibility Program

Contributes to integrating and empowering people with disabilities..


Makani Centers

Safe spaces to access learning and others..