Anti-Corruption and Fraud

Orange Group has zero tolerance towards corruption and fraud.

We want to build tomorrow's digital world as a trusted and responsible company.

We are committed to building a healthy business environment that is delivered with integrity and in line with our
Company's Code of Ethics; as part of this we adopt a policy of zero tolerance to corruption and fraud in all
of our business activities across the group.

This applies to all of us, including those who act on our behalf.

All management must take an active leadership role to create a culture where corruption and fraud cannot thrive and
is unacceptable in all forms.


Compliance Approach

Taking into account the increased legal requirements, rules and standards in more and more areas of compliance, and
wishful to assert its values, Orange Group aims to establish an integrated compliance approach making it possible
to strengthen its efforts in this area and protect itself against regulatory, financial and reputation risks

Our Group has established a function to govern the application of its Compliance policy. It relies on a network of operational teams lead by the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) and Compliance Steering Committee who provide support on all matters of Compliance: identification of risks, definition of rules of conduct, implementation of fraud prevention and elimination strategies, etc.

Orange Jordan Compliance Steering Committee members are:

  • Deputy CEO / Chief Financial Officer - Chief Compliance Officer (Chairman)
  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Legal and Regulatory Representative
  • Internal Audit Director
  • Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management Director

To back its Compliance approach, Orange offers specialized awareness actions designe​d for all employees in general and managers in specific, and carries out communication actions that are appropriate to its context.

In case of suspected fraud, corruption or unethical act please report all details to which will be investigated by specialized teams

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