Orange Coding Academy Students Met Successful Entrepreneurs

Orange Coding Academy Students Met Successful Entrepreneurs

19 Nov 2020
​Orange Jordan continues to enrich its programs targeting youth with the latest local, industry, and job market developments. Recently, the Coding Academy's second cohort students met Jordan's successful entrepreneurs that benefited from BIG by Orange Startup Accelerator Program and influencers, aiming to enhance its free training program for promising talents in the programing field.  Since the launch of the Academy, the company was keen to have comprehensive training to enhance the students' skills and provided them with the needed expertise to excel, accordingly, the Coding Academy hosted startups from BIG by Orange including; FittiCoin, 360 Moms, Saleem and Arabot, in addition to social media influencers from different fields such as Ala Hamdan, Heba Ibrawish, Khaled Sabbagh, Osama Odat, Mohammad Bitar, Omar Mehyar, Dr. Nagham Karagholi, Hamza Ghazou, Mohammad Al Maharmeh and Ayat Amr. The academy's training program focuses on the most demanded programing languages from CSS, HTML, JavaScript to JQUERY, in addition to important skills like OOP Data Structure and data storing, where the students applied these skills practically in digital projects and websites to be evaluated by specialized trainers.  Its worth mentioning that the academy's second cohort commenced in September 2020, to extend over 6-months and to be followed by a 1-month internship at an ICT company, while ensuring all the safety measures preventing COVID-19. Orange Jordan affirmed its commitment to enrich the academy's training, stemming from its role as the Kingdom's digital partner and its CSR strategy that pays attention to creating and developing working skills and specialized training, in addition to transforming Arab youth from technologies consumers to creators, supporting them to lead digital transformation that will enable them to have an effective role in different sectors. With the increased interest in supportive skills in the job market, the company stated that the academy included in its training many topics such as Projects Management, Idea Pitching, Build A Business Model, Visual Identity, Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Solving Technical Problems in a comprehensive training program to prepare youth to deal with practical challenges efficiently.  - End-     
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