Orange Jordan announces new promotion for military and security personnel

Orange Jordan announces new promotion for military and security personnel

16 Jun 2016
​In celebration of the upcoming Army Day on June 10, Orange Jordan recently introduced a new, exclusive promotion for subscribers to its "Humat al Watan 3" line, which will last until the end of June. Through the promotion, Orange Jordan offers an increased data allowance, "Always-on Data," and data carry-over to those eligible: All members and retirees of the Jordan Armed Forces - Arab Army and Security Forces. The promotion is available to those who are new subscribers to "Humat al Watan 3," transfers from a different line, or preexisting subscribers and guarantees continuity of its offers given the subscription is renewed on time every month. Specifics of the promotion include 6 GB of data (of which 2 GB is reserved for Facebook and Twitter), "Always-on Data" that continues at a lower speed after finishing this bundle and  carry-over of unused data from the main bundle to the next month. In the case that the line is not renewed on time, subscribers will be reverted back to the following features for the monthly data bundle: 3 GB of data (used anytime), 1 GB ofoff-peak data, and absence of data carry-over and "Always-on Data." Commenting on the occasion, CEO of Orange Jordan Jérôme Hénique said, "At Orange Jordan, we are dedicated to showing our steadfast pride in and appreciation of those who work tirelessly to defend the Kingdom and keep it a safe place for all of us. As such, we would like to express our ongoing support by offering a new promotion for subscribers to the exclusive 'Humat al Watan 3' line, including features that are not offered by any other telecommunications company in the region. We hope that through this promotion we can serve to complement the lives of those in the military and security forces. Orange Jordan, provider of the strongest 3G and 4G networks, has recently been focusing even more on the enhancement of its services to specifically meet the needs of members of the army, facilitating their daily work in vigilantly securing the country."" Hénique went on to say that Orange Jordan's resolute commitment to military and security personnel originates from its recently updated corporate strategy, Essentials 2020, and refocused CSR plan, which drive to company to guide the transformation of enterprise customers and be a committed operator by serving socio-economic development with innovative digital services. As a proud corporate member of the community, Orange Jordan is dedicated to taking part in national celebrations, including the company's recent participation in the centennial anniversary of the Great Arab Revolt and its special promotion launch on the occasion of Independence Day.   Orange Jordan, a leading provider of integrated telecommunications services, seeks to further solidify its position as a conscious corporate citizen in the local community where it operates by supporting and facilitating the daily lives of members of all sectors of society. By offering periodic promotions and innovations to its services and always aiming to provide the latest enhancements and technologies to its products, Orange Jordan goes above and beyond in connecting people to all that is essential to them. -END- 
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