Orange Jordan appropriates 25 grants annually to cover interest on employees’ housing loans

Orange Jordan appropriates 25 grants annually to cover interest on employees’ housing loans

12 Feb 2017
​Orange Jordan recently announced appropriating 25 grants annually to its employees to cover interest on their housing loans, as it is keen to grant them more privileges. For each of the program’s beneficiaries, the grants will cover up to a maximum of JD 1,000 annually of the total of interest or “Murabaha” financing on housing loans provided by any commercial or local Islamic bank. The grants, which will continue for eight years, come as pursuant to the terms of the agreement signed with the General Trade Union of Workers in Public Services and Liberal Professions for the second year in a row. According to the instructions of human resources management at Orange Jordan, the allocation of these grants has been measured against a number of criteria in accordance with the rules and regulations of the housing loans, and grant applications were evaluated by an internal committee established specifically for this purpose. Orange Jordan clarified that it is committed to further elevating its work environment, in line with its core values, which reflects positively on the performance of its employees and consequently, on the customers’ experience, falling in line with its five-year strategy Essentials 2020. These grants will contribute to easing the financial burdens of securing adequate housing for its employees and ensuring their social security. In 2015, Orange Jordan was named one of the top 20 places to work in the Kingdom by Jordan Business Magazine, which is specialized in economy and business. Moreover, in 2016, it was named a “Top Employer” in the Kingdom by the Top Employers Institute among a large number of candidates, recognizing all of the benefits that the company offers to its employees, including complete health coverage and ample opportunities for salary increases and other financial incentives, along with monthly additional grants equivalent to three basic salaries. In addition, the Provident Fund provides a number of other benefits, such as housing, purchasing and personal loans, scholarships for employees’ children, Umrah trips, and an important professional benefit, investing in staff development through continuous training sessions and maintaining a distinguished work environment.Orange Jordan is a local, responsible Jordanian company that intrinsically cares about forming a real bond with the community, one that feels increasingly friendlier and more understanding of the needs of individual members of society, to contribute to the growth of economy and wellbeing of Jordanians and to bridge digital divides.-END-
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