Orange Jordan Received “Top Employer” & “GEEIS” Certificates

Orange Jordan Received “Top Employer” & “GEEIS” Certificates

10 Sep 2020
​For the fifth consecutive year, Orange Jordan was awarded the Top Employer certificate for 2020, by the Top Employer Institute, receiving higher scores surpassing other companies and institutions that applied for this certificate.  Orange Jordan obtained this certificate by achieving 92% for 2020 with a 0.9% increase from 2019, where this standard shows the company's continuous commitment to evaluate and improve the work space to ensure optimal environment and to enhance the company's performance, which will contribute in elevating the telecom and internet services.     Orange Jordan also obtained the Gender Equality European & International Standard (GEEIS), from Bureau veritas, GEEIS is an international standard aims to promote gender equality at the working place, where the company enhanced its performance in 3 areas from 8 and achieved a 3 from 5 score.   Orange Jordan's Chief Legal, Regulatory, Sourcing, Supply Chain & Human Resources Officer, Dr. Ibrahim Harb, expressed his pride in the company by receiving this international recognition that reflects its attention to the internal work environment, and shows its belief that success can be achieved through employees who are cared for, stressing that receiving these international certificates for five consecutive years is a result of developing a stimulating working environment that features diversity, appreciating competencies, and gender equality by applying a distinctive working methodology for the human resources management that affected its subscribers positively.    These two certificates were awarded based on the results of an integrated evaluation, surveying Orange Jordan's offering for its employees, noting that the research methodology is based on examining the collected the participants' information, covering all tangible aspects and factors of the internal work environment with a focus on the human resources mechanisms.   -End- ​
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