Orange Jordan sponsors the Kingdom’s hosting of the annual ARISPA meeting

Orange Jordan sponsors the Kingdom’s hosting of the annual ARISPA meeting

5 Oct 2016
​ Orange Jordan recently sponsored the meeting of the Arab Regional ISPs & DSPs Association (ARISPA), which took place under the patronage of Her Excellency Minister of ICT and Minister of Public Sector Development Majd Shweikeh who gave a speech during the opening ceremony. The meeting was attended by members of board committees, Orange Jordan’s Deputy CEO and Chief Enterprise Officer Sami Smeirat, and individuals working in the ICT sector representing a number of operators around the Middle East.During the opening ceremony, Sami Smeirat welcomed Her Excellency and all participants and talked about the active role Orange Jordan is playing in developing and leading the ICT scene in the country, highlighting the company’s investments in technicalities, technologies, solutions, services, and products, especially those related to the most important tool of modern communication: the internet.In light of ARISPA, Her Excellency Majd Shweikeh said: “We have a very large responsibility to ensure attaining equal internet penetration and digital readiness. By making the internet open to everyone, we provide them, and ourselves, with the most important tools for advancement and socioeconomic development.”Shweikeh proceeded to give specific facts, saying: “In Jordan, we have achieved tremendous milestones in regards to the spread of internet penetration and availability. In 2005, internet use was at 13.7% with only 770,000 users. In 2015, internet use stood at 83% with around eight million users.”Shweikeh went on to say that Jordan also witnessed accelerated growth in mobile phone users that take advantage of 3G and 4G services, where the number jumped from 4.3 million in 2005 to 14 million in 2015. Shweikeh concluded her speech by emphasizing the important role that ARISPA plays in supporting the spread of the internet.Deputy CEO and Chief Enterprise Officer of Orange Jordan Sami Smeirat said: “We are proud to sponsor ARISPA as part of our commitment to ensuring the success of events of this nature, especially those related to stimulating the ICT sector. By offering our support, we hope to accelerate the joint efforts of the association, which aims to enhance internet use in the Arab world in light of the technical revolution. This falls directly in line with our strategic plan Essentials 2020 which focuses on facilitating digital innovation in the Kingdom.”Specifically, Orange Jordan sponsored the meeting’s numerous discussions, during which members reviewed the association’s slated plan of work for the upcoming period, its financial balance for 2017, a partnership initiative between members of the StarAudit program, and shared recommendations for the future, broadening the base of union representation in the Arab countries and further activating the role of the association’s members.Orange Jordan is the strongest internet provider in the Kingdom, launching 4G services and recently upgrading its mobile and broadband internet with copper wires to achieve maximum coverage, in addition to pushing toward a fourth generation network. Orange Jordan is dedicated to changing the way Jordanians interact and communicate. ARISPA, established in 2006, is an international body in the Arab region and consists of a group of companies operating in the internet and telecommunications field in a variety of Middle Eastern countries working both to develop ICT in the Arab world and to advance the interests of each of its component companies. These companies all share the desire to contribute to creating an advanced Arab ICT industry so the Middle East can become a key player and source of output in global ICT. .
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