Orange Jordan sponsors the participation of its BIG season 3 startups in the global conference Viva Technology

Orange Jordan sponsors the participation of its BIG season 3 startups in the global conference Viva Technology

11 Jul 2017
​  As part of its commitment in accelerating the growth of the business of its entrepreneurs and providing them a chance to reach the global markets, Orange Jordan sponsored 5 startups that were in its BIG season 3 program to attend and participate in this year’s global conference Viva Technology, a three-day event from 15 to 17 July. Orange Jordan sponsored the following startups: Arabot, Hivenamix, 360 Moms, Sitat Byoot and 3oun. The Viva Tech conference has brought together tens of thousands of high-level entrepreneurs, executives, financiers, investors and decision makers, in addition to growth-mode startup accelerators from around the world.  Through its support of the participation of its startups, Orange Jordan provided the opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their services and innovative solutions to a wide audience of investors and CEOs of the world's leading companies, through a booth dedicated for Orange Group, they were also given the opportunity to attend the sessions and activities of the conference and discussed the latest methods and global trends in supporting and developing the startups sector, in addition to revealing the latest creativity and innovations in the technology field.  During the conference, the five start-ups met with representatives from Orange Group and Orange Fab, where they discussed ways of co-operating with each other and the possibility of Orange providing them with networking and access to investors and markets in France.  Orange Jordan’s Business Innovation Growth (BIG) growth-mode startup accelerator program, which was launched by Orange Jordan in late 2015 and is designed to support entrepreneurs, is part of the global “Orange Fab” program of the Orange Group, which aims to accelerate the growth of startups worldwide. The program first launched in San Francisco and spread to France, Poland, Southeast Asia, Côte d’Ivoire and the Middle East. Orange Fab supports startups that have already developed their products & services and offers them access to global markets.  The Viva Technology Conference is held every year in Paris and witnesses the attendance of about 3,000 experts, entrepreneurs and executives from international companies, business leaders and investors. The conference provides a platform for all startups to engage in dialogues centered on the impact of technology on companies & society and thus the conference is a great opportunity for companies to benefit from the experiences and networking with major companies worldwide and to see the latest developments in the world of entrepreneurship and technology.  -END-
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