Orange Jordan supports the participation of outstanding students

4 Jul 2018

​​​​​Orange Jordan is sponsoring the "Smart Cities & Engineering for Architecture" program as part of its ongoing partnership with the French Embassy in the Kingdom, by supporting two outstanding students. This program is organized by the two French universities; Ecole D'ingénieurs (EPF) and École Spéciale des Travaux Publics (ESTP), which are both specialized in the field of engineering. The program will be held in Paris between the 2nd and 20th of July this year. Ossama Hussein and Abdullah Ibrahim, two outstanding students, were selected after achieving the required criteria in a competition that was recently held to select candidates for the program, which offers in-depth courses on several topics including: Engineering for Eco Cities and Smart Cities, Green Issues, City Planning and Architecture for the Future. Orange Jordan's support and assistance for students with a bright vision for their future, is part of its core strategy in education and entrepreneurship. Orange Jordan's CEO, Thierry Marigny praised the long-term partnership between Orange Jordan and the French Embassy, highlighting the embassy's ongoing efforts in promoting the intellectual and cultural exchange between Jordan and France, through continuously offering various programs and initiatives in the Kingdom. Commenting on the occasion, Marigny said "We will be providing outstanding students with scholarships to attend the "Smart Cities & Engineering for Architecture" program this summer in Paris, as part of our ongoing interest in supporting the education that the local market needs, as we are keen on investing in young people and giving them multiple opportunities. We are also always interested in highligh​ting engineering specialties, as this is the specialization of Orange Jordan, which is interested in everything related to smart city solutions". Orange Jordan continues to support the education and youth sector, through creating long-term partnerships with many educational institutions and universities as well as sponsoring educational events in the Kingdom, where community work is one of its top priorities and falls in line with Orange Jordan's Corporate Social Responsibility plan, stemming from its five-year corporate strategy "Essentials 2020". 

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