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Orange Al Yarmouk University Innovation Lab

The lab provides students with the needed skills for work environment after graduation, in addition to improve their entrepreneurial ideas

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Courses Offered


Effective Communication Skills

It's definition, types and the 7 C's of effective communication. At the end our trainees will understand the best practices of the positive behaviors to master communication skills.


Presentation Skills

Understand the modern concept of speech, learn how to plan, structure and prepare a professional presentation material, and avoid the mistakes of the art of speech


Technical Writing

Write effective technical documents, manuals, and white papers, in addition build effective sentences and sections that explain information clearly without mistakes.


CVs and Interview

Learn how to write and prepare a professional CV, also prepare them for job interviews.


Work Ethics

Develop soft skills including, attitude, attendance, character development, responsibility and choice in which will enhance and let the learners gain a strong work ethic.


Entrepreneurship Essential

Learn what is entrepreneurship, why to become an entrepreneur and features and characteristics of the entrepreneur. Also, the management skills required to manage the project.


Digital Skills

Include different sessions and topics such as Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Meeting, Virtual Presentation skills and Digital Marketing.


Digital Culture

Cover many topics such as Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Cloud Computing, Internet Of Things, Cyber Security, E-commerce, Virtual Meeting.


Soft Skills

Cover many topics such as, Change Management, Creative thinking & Problem solving, Leadership, Planning & Management, Presentation & Communication Skills..


Entrepreneurship & Innovation

This course will cover many topics such as Entrepreneurship Fundamentals, Innovation and Advanced Entrepreneurship.


Ad HOC Training

This course is designed to cover different special topics as a freelancing program.

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Yarmouk Innovation Lab

Al Yarmouk University – Al Hijjawi Faculty – Innovation & Entrepreneurship center
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Al Yarmouk University

Yarmouk University is a comprehensive and state supported university located near city center of Irbid in northern Jordan. Since its establishment in 1976, Yarmouk University (YU) has been at the forefront of Jordanian and Middle Eastern universities.

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Orange Jordan CSR programs are designed with care to bridge digital divide and to empower communities’ and people’s digital lives especially for Youth, Women and People with Disabilities.

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A wide range of training courses for young people..

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Digital Accessibility Program

Contributes to integrating and empowering people with disabilities..

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Innovation Hub

Is a place where futuristic ideas and current realities are knit together with cutting-edge technology, to bring new ideas to life.