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Coding academy

What kind of programming is offered by the academy and what are the most important programming languages taught?

  • Programming type: Mobile and Web development
  • JavaScript, Python and PHP, and relevant frameworks

How long is the training course?

  • 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.

What kind of certificate does the academy offer?

  • A certificate of skills taught during the course, certified by Simplon and Orange.

What are the key life skills that the training course focuses on?

  • Teamwork, communication, presentation, Agile, Agile PMP, UX & UI Design, excellence in customer service, interview and CV skills.

When is the registration for the third batch of the academy?

  • If you didn't catch this training session, stay tuned for our future opportunities

Can non-Jordanians apply for the academy?

  • Yes