Orange Foundation


A subsidiary of the global Orange Foundation that serves as a social innovation advocate of Orange group.

Digital Solidarity

Commitment to projects that promote learning

Women's Digital Centers

Since 2018, with the support of Orange Foundation and in partnership with (JOHUD), eight centers were established to enroll women in a 6-month bootcamp.

orange fab labs
Orange FabLabs

Launched in 2021, with the support of Orange Foundation, students in the FabLab learn how to use powerful digital fabrication methods through challenges and projects issued throughout our course.

digital schools
Digital Schools

In partnership with Orange Foundation, UNICEF & e-Learment, the Digital Schools Program was launched in Jordan to deliver free educational content to several UNICEF education centers targeting Syrian refugee children.

Cultural Solidarity

Commitment to culture and access for all

Orange Villages: Rasoun Village

In 2008, a funding agreement was signed by Jordan River Foundation, Orange Jordan and Orange Foundation.

The funding is used to cover the following specific activities:

  • Construct a room for the school guard and maintain the school
  • Establish a children’s nursery at the school
  • Equip the health center with a medical lab, ultrasound, and dental equipment
  • Establish a bakery
  • Purchase an additional bus to transport residents to Ajloun and Irbid
  • Establish a revolving fund for the residents

Orange Villages and Child and Maternity Health

In 2023, Orange Foundation and Orange Foundation Jordan signed an agreement with the Crown Prince Foundation to rehabilitate toilets and provide access to water for students of the girls' and boys' schools in the village of Al Fayha in Madaba governorate, Jordan.

Both schools serve more than 1,000 students and staff members; however, they lack very basic facilities and services.

The bathrooms in both schools are mostly out of service and the ones that are in service need maintenance to be usable. The schools also lack a source of drinkable water leading the students to drink unfiltered water coming directly from the water tank.

Health and Autism

Commitment to particularly vulnerable group

Orange Jordan and Orange Foundation donate €120,000 to the Ministry of Health

  • In 2020, Orange Jordan and Orange Foundation, donated €120,000 to the Ministry of Health to support the Ministry and the medical cadres’ efforts in combating Covid in the Kingdom.
  • The donation constitutes of €30,000 in cash support, in addition to, medical supplies that include 30,000 masks, 30,000 gloves, 30,000 sanitizer gel, and 713 electronic thermometers.

Orange Vaccine Center

Orange Foundation Jordan established a drive thru vaccine center in the parking of Orange Digital Village in coordination and partnership with the National Center for Security and Crisis Management and the Ministry of Health.

  • The vaccine center began operations on May 19, 2021, until August 16, 2021.
  • 81,106 persons were vaccinated at the Orange Digital Village Vaccination Center
  • Around 2500 persons were received daily.