Success Stories


Leen Jarrar sees that success requires persistence and effort, and through BIG by Orange their startups VIAVII was able to reach a lot of opportunities. What is her advice to success?

Leen Jarrar

The ambition of Eman Al Salman is to support people around her, and with the skills she developed in the Women Digital Center, she was able to help the community with her project. Let us know more.

Eman Al Salman

If you have an idea, keep learning and developing your skills.” Alaa Eddin Al Khawaja flew "Sager" with Orange's BIG entrepreneurial program.

Alaa Eddin Al Khawaja

Her passion for digital manufacturing let her apply to Orange Fab Lab, and after training, she became a volunteer in it! Know more about Dyana Habashenh.

Dyana Habashenh

Be different in your idea and make your project the best and get the appropriate training, Dina Abed Almajeed founder of 360MOMs have more about her experience with the BIG by Orange program.

Dina Abed Almajeed

“I Encourage everyone, especially people with disabilities, to try new opportunities,” Hala Mahfoth, try and discovers her passion with Orange Fab Lab.

Hala Mahfoth

Find out how Ahlam Al- Hmeidat was able to get employed in one of the largest IT companies in the Kingdom. Learn about her success story with this video

Ahlam Al- Hmeidat

Learn about Ahmed Al-Nsoor story and how he continued his passion when he joined the Coding Academy, one of Orange's digital projects

Ahmed Al-Nsoor

Zaid Khashan, a volunteer at Orange Fab Lab and pre-trained! Learn about his journey at Orange lab in this video

Zaid Khashan

Elias Nada, who did not give up and decided to follow up his dream, and the first step was for Elias to join the Coding Academy by Orange. Learn the story of the academy's youngest student.

Elias Nada

Laith Jawarneh, from a marketing graduate to the owner of a 3D printing and laser cutting project!  Watch the video to know more about his success story

Laith Jawarneh

"Anyone can make his chance with perseverance and effort." Powerful words from Moayad Al Ashhab, who joined the Digital Fabrication Lab to develop his expertise and gain new skills in his field. Know more about his success story.

Moayad Al Ashhab