Mafhoum” Nine Years of Collaborative Work Between Orange and eLearment for Successful E-learning

Mafhoum” Nine Years of Collaborative Work Between Orange and eLearment for Successful E-learning

7 Jul 2020
​Covid-19 altered human behaviors drastically across the world and changed daily lifestyle completely. It even became a concern for all countries, governments and nations and united efforts to curb the spread of this pandemic.Like other countries, Jordan took strict precautionary measures since the beginning of the crisis that has affected the lives of everyone such as closing schools and companies.  However, it maintained the flow of life especially the educational process for schools, universities and educational centers by utilizing digital solutions.  During the crisis, Orange Jordan focused its attention on supporting the local community in various means, by launching different initiatives, some of which focused on education as its one of the main pillars of the company's Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy. Education has always received Orange Jordan's great care by digitizing its resources and offering continuous development of its infrastructure to enhance students and teachers' efficiency. Part of these efforts is offering Mafhoum platform, the outcome of eLearment Company and Orange Jordan's collaboration and an outstanding model for self-learning with a futuristic outlook that helped thousands of students. Mafhoum adapts to global changes and enhances the educational process and its outcomes by offering the national curriculum, from the first grade to Tawjihi, in modern methods.    "Mafhoum" is the product of 9 years of research and development to design an interface that offers Arabic, English, Mathematics, and Science subjects for both semesters, permanently for teachers and students at all times. It also enables students to choose the suitable learning method from a wide variety of interactive, up-to-date, active teaching methods such as videos, activities, and games that have played a successful role during the crisis.   Orange Jordan intensified its efforts in developing remote education and self-learning which have become important concepts during the Corona crisis.  "Mafhoum" is about the efficiency and quality of education and utilizing technology to face the local and global future challenges. Mafhoum's interactive methodology helps teachers to achieve the general and specific outcomes outlined by the Jordanian curriculum by offering them the ability to follow-up and evaluate their students and enhancing their practical skills such as exploration and conclusion. It also takes into consideration the age difference and the educational requirements of different grades from the first grade till Tawjihi.   Communication is one of the important features offered by the interactive platform, which have taken on its shoulder the responsibility of offering the requirements of the effective educational experience. The platform enables students and teachers to communicate directly, vocally, visually, or via simulation; an AI-based technology.  Live-broadcast will be available soon on the platform to contribute to achieving Orange Jordan and eLearment's goal of advancing the student's digital skills, easing the educational process, and offering the participants with the needed tools, while forming a modern institution for e-learning.  Orange Jordan's interest in Mafhoum's platform, in particular, and in education, in general, represents its commitment to speed up the digital transformation and to harness its digital resources and solutions to keep Jordanians connected to what matters to them and enable the entire community to adapt to changes, as part of its role as the Kingdom's digital partner and as a supporter of education.         -END-
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