Orange Jordan announces the full-scale rollout of its 4G network

26 May 2015

Orange Jordan announced the full-scale launch of its 4G network, which will take place in the form of a gradual rollout that will ultimately deliver cutting-edge 4G services to Jordanians around the Kingdom. The announcement was made during a press conference held on Tuesday, May 26 2015 at the Sheraton Hotel in Amman, under the patronage of the Minister of ICT, Majd Shweikeh, and headed by the operator's CEO, Jean Francois Thomas. 

Orange was the first operator in the Kingdom to introduce 4G as part a of a “discovery” phase that first launched in October 2014, allowing customers to experience the technology in a number of popular locations in Amman. This full-scale commercial launch will expand the service through a wide variety of special offers and bundles designed to cater to different consumer segments, giving Jordanians the opportunity to enjoy high-speed mobile and wireless broadband at its highest potential. The launch also constitutes the first major milestone in Orange Jordan’s strategic vision for the coming five years, which the operator announced earlier this month under the heading “Essentials 2020.” 

The highly efficient rollout process will initially bring 4G coverage to most urban areas in Amman, delivering mobile and wireless broadband connectivity at unprecedented speeds reaching up to 70Mbps. The rollout will quickly expand to deliver full nationwide coverage by Q3 2015. The operator also intends to make 4G connectivity accessible to all consumer segments by implementing careful pricing and quality control strategies that fall in line with its long-term strategic vision, through which the operator seeks to deliver an unparalleled customer experience. 

“When we introduced our new strategic vision for the coming years, we made the explicit promise of delivering the best network in Jordan by year-end 2015,” explained Thomas. “Today, with the full-scale rollout of our 4G network, we are celebrating the first major achievement in this far-reaching strategy, offering customers cutting-edge mobile and wireless broadband connectivity that will redefine the way they experience the Internet.” 

Thomas noted that 4G represents the pinnacle of mobile broadband technology, offering greater speed and reliability and delivering a new world of connectivity options for both individuals and enterprises. With 4G, customers can enjoy faster browsing and file sharing and improved application performance, particularly when it comes to bandwidth-hungry applications like gaming and high definition video streaming. Additionally, the technology brings a wealth of opportunities to enterprise customers, allowing businesses of all sizes to boost their productivity and revenues by leveraging on technologies like cloud storage, remote site management, e-commerce and others. 

In line with the full-scale rollout of its 4G network, Orange is also undertaking a large-scale refurbishment of its existing 3G and 2G networks to ensure that customers nationwide enjoy high quality voice and data services around the clock. These enhancements entail a massive investment of more than JD 200 million, which demonstrates the operator’s commitment to realize the objectives outlined in its long-term vision. 

So far, Orange Jordan has made substantial strides toward broadening the coverage of its 3G network, which today reaches 75% of the Jordanian population. By year-end 2015, the network will have reached more than 90% of Jordanians, benefitting from the infrastructure enhancements currently being implemented. Similar improvements will also affect the operator’s 4G network, which will expand to reach around 85% of the population within the same timeframe. Meanwhile, Orange’s 2G network continues to enjoy stellar performance, reaching more than 99% of Jordanians nationwide. 

“The rollout of our 4G network signals the beginning of a new era for Jordan’s ICT landscape, one that brings greater connectivity options and more choices for customers around the Kingdom,” added Thomas. “However, it is merely the first milestone in a five-year journey through which we intend to truly revolutionize the way Jordanians perceive and interact with communication technologies.”

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