Orange Jordan launches the advanced (4G+ , 4.5 G) service

Orange Jordan launches the advanced (4G+ , 4.5 G) service

1 Feb 2018
​Under the patronage of His Excellency, the Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission Dr. Ghazi Al Jbour, Orange Jordan officially announced the launch of the advanced 4G+ services (4G+,4.5G,LTE+,LTE- A Pro). Dr. Al Jbour said during the press conference held by the company today and attended by Chairman of Jordan Telecommunications Company/ Orange Jordan, members of the board of commissioners of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, and Executive Committee Members at Orange Jordan, that the partnership between the public and the private sectors can elevate performance of the telecom services and enhance the growth of the economies of countries. He added that: “We in Jordan consider the partnership between the public and the private sectors as a main pillar to the success of all sectors, affirming that His Majesty King Abdullah II had always called for such partnership that can withstand all circumstances.” He further added that the decision of the TRC Board of Commissioners to approve company request to obtain frequency bundle (10+10) in the 2600 Mhz domain will contribute to enhancing and elevating competition in providing advanced telecom services in the Kingdom. This bundle will help providing 4G services that is better than other frequency bundles, especially in heavily populated areas.” From his side, Orange Jordan’s CEO, Jerome Hénique stressed that the company’s acquisition of the frequency bundle in the 2600 MHz domain stemmed from its five-year corporate strategy “Essentials 2020” which aims to continuously invest in the development of its networks. The company has already allocated close to JD 100 million so far, of which JD 39 million, paid to the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, was utilized to acquire new frequencies from, and the rest of the amount was used to upgrade the network and IT, and to install new towers. More investment will be allocated in 2018 as well to ensure maximum coverage for this latest version of the fourth generation network (4G+,4.5G,LTE+,LTE- A Pro) further solidifying the company’s position as the strongest internet provider for mobile and home in the KingdomHenique pointed out that Orange Jordan had continuously seeked to provide the highest quality of telecommunication and internet services compliant with international standards, which has led the company to make more investments to renew its 2G, 3G, 4G and Next Generation Networks (LTE-4G, LTE advanced-4G+, Fiber to the Home, Fiber to the Business)) in order to provide these robust services to all segments of subscribers including mass, youth and army through a long-term pricing, compatible bundles and quality strategy that will cater to the needs of the local market for them to enjoy the fastest internet for mobile and home in the kingdom while browsing the internet, downloading their preferred videos, watching TV, or listening to their preferred music files in the areas that is covered and when using supporting devices. He further added that with the commercial launch of its 4G+ network services, the company enforces its position as number one choice for strongest internet for home and mobile in the kingdom and confirmed that the company is committed in its resolve to revolutionize the telecommunication landscape in the Kingdom and making Jordan one of the countries with the most advanced mobile telecommunication services in the world. Orange Jordan’s Chief Information Technology & Networks & Wholesale Officer, Waleed Al Doulat said that the 4G+ technology will cover most of the Kingdom and enable users to experience unprecedented speeds that reach up to 250 Mbps (using MIMO, Carrier Aggregation, High-order Modulation technologies), emphasizing that the coverage will include more areas across the Kingdom’s governorates. He pointed out that the widespread commercial launch of this technology will enrich the services provided by the company through a wide range of bundles tailor-made to different customers’ needs, allowing them to enjoy high-speed wireless internet services to the fullest. The coverage of Orange Jordan’s 3G and 4G network reached 96% and 92% respectively in the Kingdom and the spread of 4G+ covering all of the Kingdom’s governorates is not far away. —End-
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