Orange Jordan & Ooredoo Palestine Renew Their Strategic Agreement to Offer Customers Top-Notch Roaming Services

8 May 2024

Orange Jordan renewed its strategic partnership with Ooredoo Palestine to offer customers in both countries top-notch international roaming services.

This agreement is part of the long-standing strategic partnership that ties both parties, and it was signed by Philippe Mansour, the CEO of Orange Jordan, and on behalf of Ooredoo Palestine its CEO, Dr. Samer Fares.

The renewed agreement will enable customers in Jordan and Palestine to enjoy a set of high-quality international telecom and roaming services at competitive prices, aligning with both companies’ ongoing endeavors to provide their customers with the best customer experience while keeping pace with the latest technological trends.

Customers of Ooredoo Palestine will be able to stay connected with their loved ones through the best experience available that is supported by cutting-edge services while benefitting from 5G and LTE services.

Commenting on this important step that falls under Orange Jordan’s vision to be always here for its customers, Mansour valued the significance of the joint efforts in the telecommunications sector that lead to complete new levels of excellence. This will help reach as many customers as possible which is at the heart of the mission of the companies working in the ICT sector.

From his side, Dr. Fares stressed on the pivotal role that Orange Jordan plays to coping with the latest trends on the global level to elevate the experience of the Jordanian subscribers. Furthermore, he referred to the significant contribution of Orange Jordan and Ooredoo Palestine strategic partnership to provide subscribers, during their visit to Jordan or to the world, with top-notch services allowing them to stay connected with their families and loved ones in Palestine at best and competitive prices.

It is worth mentioning that Orange Jordan, through its partnership with Ooredoo Palestine, launches several promotional offers for Palestinian subscribers including free minutes to enable them to stay connected with their loved ones.


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