Orange Jordan at TEDx

Orange Jordan at TEDx

18 Mar 2024

From around the world to Jordan, TEDx events emerged in 1984 and have since served as a platform to share inspiring ideas by motivational speakers about several topics in more than 100 languages. Today, students at Princess Sumaya University for Technology collaborated to produce the local version of TEDx events, where the Chief Corporate Communication and Sustainability Officer at Orange Jordan, Eng. Rana Al Dababnah, joined this inspiring experience to deliver her session titled: ”Embracing Human Enhancement: Unlocking New Self”.


Orange Jordan sponsored the TEDxPSUT conference is part of the long-standing partnership with Princess Sumaya University for Technology. It is also aligned with both parties’ joint vision to develop the youth’s capabilities. Themed “Navigating Tomorrow’s Realities”, the Conference hosted a number of motivational speakers, and experts who touched on revolutionary and fundamental topics that matter the most in the world of today, while shedding an inspiring spotlight on their personal experiences and exciting stories.


The sponsorship of this event comes in line with Orange Jordan’s tireless efforts to empower youth digitally, technologically, and humanely to enable them to be active members in their communities contributing to the national development process were exchanging experiences and sharing ideas are the main tools to help them unleash their potential.


In her session, Eng. Al Dababnah explored the concept of the human enhancement, highlighting the possibilities offered by technology if we used it optimally. Reaching the best version of us and achieving human enhancement and it all starts with “recognizing our weaknesses and strengths”.


Eng. Al Dababnah’s session served as a necessary self-confrontation, practically in light with the changes that technology brings and might stand in the way of “accelerating the reconnection process with ourselves” especially if we forget the “fine line between the technology and the real us”.


Eng. Al Dababnah concluded her session by presenting “the keys to remake ourselves” to the students, encouraging them to begin their journey by discovering their strengths and overcoming challenges that might stand on the way.


It all begins with a decision to harness technology, which is the “power of the age” to rediscover themselves and the world around them with “confidence”.




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