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The story of Orange in Jordan is a story of excellence, history and achievement led by the vision of the global brand and empowered by its local spirit.


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value and behavior

Values and Behavior

Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Putting the customer first always; providing an unmatched customer experience throughout the customer’s journey, keeping all segments happy and maintaining a service culture.

  • We take ownership to solve our customer issues.
  • We empathize & understand customer needs in every transaction they have with us.
  • We act with our customers in a friendly & pleasant manner
  • We empower our employees to serve our customers efficiently
  • We listen to the voice of our customers to shape a better customer experience


The ability to change an organization’s direction and status swiftly; evolving through simplicity, flexibility, future thinking, and a growth mindset.

  • We accept & respond to change.
  • We empower the teams through accountability & delegation.
  • We simplify for better productivity.
  • We react quickly and dynamically to emerging market potentials.
  • We listen & work with our stakeholders often & regularly.
  • We act with courage & commitment.


Focused on delivering value and achieving targets; using clear and aligned goals, dealing with internal and external challenges and continually improving the process to meet desired results.

  • We are mentally oriented to reach the finish line
  • We keep the focus on the activities related to achieving results
  • We take responsibility to overcome obstacles
  • We maintain teamwork all the time
  • We review frequently the actual progress vs. plans
  • We reward for results achievement


Visible, fair and consistent decision making; based on clear and accurate sharing of information internally and externally (or among all stakeholders).

  • We say it as is; we answer in a simple, straightforward & clear way.
  • We provide a safe environment for open dialogue.
  • We lead by example We promote trust, accountability and engagement
  • We deliver on our promises.
  • We acknowledge our strengths & weaknesses


Understanding and accepting the values of others; extending empathy and support to each other (or employees), customers and the community to stimulate loyalty and belonging through the culture of caring.

  • We listen and humanize our response.
  • Our employees come first.
  • We are responsible towards our community
  • We always ask; “How can I help?”
  • We recognize and appreciate
  • Our environment provides opportunities for growth & development.


Committing to consistent high-quality service and optimized performance; maintaining cost-effectiveness, the best utilization of resources (or assets), and our unique value proposition.

  • We always leave an excellent impression
  • We are consistent in doing the right things and doing things right
  • We are the examples of excellence in the Digital & ICT Sectors
  • We encourage creativity & innovation
  • We aspire to be the best-in-class standards.
  • Our only constant is to improve


The spirit of working together; sharing knowledge and sense of purpose through effective communication and team engagement across organizational levels.

  • We are connected & close to each other.
  • We support each other to achieve our goals.
  • We share knowledge and expertise.
  • We share views and acknowledge contributions.
  • We have the environment to work together.
  • We inspire each other to show our best.