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Orange AI Incubator

One of Orange Jordan's many entrepreneurial initiatives that contribute to creating investment opportunities and supporting startups by focusing on artificial intelligence

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About Orange Jordan AI Incubator

The AI Incubator is a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs and management teams supporting ideation, prototyping, incubation, funding and scaling ideas and a resource for identifying markets and obtaining marketing support through the following phases

Applying and Registering
Applicant must have an idea related to AI as top 5-7 candidates will be selected based on a specific criterion
6 Months of Intensive Training
Participants will join an intensive 6-months training program focusing on AI, business management, and some soft skills courses
Mentorship and Guidance
Providing a mentorship program for startups to enhance their knowledge on how to start a new company beside business
One great way to build a strong networking and relationships through events that aims to link our startups with investors
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Startup Scoring Criteria

To be an Entrepreneurial Idea

The project proponent must be an entrepreneur or a managerial team leader who has an idea in the development stage of implementation to become a business

Early Stage Registered Company

It is a startup company [less than 24 months] and the majority of its shareholders are Jordanians, whether it is registered in Jordan or in any other relevant department ,or

An Existing Informal Company

It is meant to be a company owned by a Jordanian majority seeking or wishing to be registered, provided that it does not include business incubation services and company registration

What people say



" Being one of the incubates at the first Jordanian AI incubator added more credibility to our journey, also, we connected with like-minded experts who can support the journey more in the future. Besides the implementation-based knowledge that we acquire from the incubator facilitators and incubates "

Abeer Al Bashiti
The founder of Larimar

" Our goal of participating in the Orange AI Incubator was as part of our establishment of a new specialized department in the management of communications and information technology in PSD. the team members now possess the correct tools in this modern technology and they are now able to complete their journey to build greater and more advanced practical experience. Simply Thank you for giving us this nice opportunity"

Captain Mohammad Al Momani
from Public Security Defense

" I advise anyone who has ambitions to build their own artificial intelligence model to participate in Orange AI Incubator, which has played its role in supporting us and witnessing this as part of prosperity of our homeland, Jordan"

Momen AL-Hamed
The founder of Kenda

"The AI incubator has worked with us over the last year and the support, knowledge, and skills we got are so valuable. we appreciate all the time and efforts that helped us over the last year to make our story come true"

Mohammad Al Shatnawi
The founder of Ebsher Solution

"Giving me this great opportunity to present my idea and provide me with the right direction for implementing it was the thing that we and the team needed when we decided to join, Thank you Orange AI Incubator Team"

Younes Sawaftah
The founder of Path It

Orange AI Incubator

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