Ministry of ICT, Orange Jordan inaugurate "Emaar Al- Tafila” Knowledge Station

Ministry of ICT, Orange Jordan inaugurate "Emaar Al- Tafila” Knowledge Station

13 May 2019
​Minister of Information and Communications Technology, H.E. Eng. Mothanna Gharaibeh, and CEO of Orange Jordan, Thierry Marigny inaugurated earlier this week, the "Emaar Al- Tafila" Knowledge Station. The academy will provide Cisco certified training programs for youth in Al-Tafila governorate. This came after Orange Jordan renovated the knowledge station, as per the agreement signed with the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MoICT) and National Information Technology Center (NITC) last year.Gharaibeh said during the opening ceremony, that the MoICT prepared an integrated plan to develop knowledge stations spread across the Kingdom, and started executing these stations at the beginning of the current year, pointing out that the aim is to prepare and develop these stations to become business incubators and accelerators, in addition to training centers for the youth in governorates and develop their skills, according to the latest international training programs, modern programming languages and requirements and needs of the labor markets.Gharaibeh added that the support offered by both Orange Jordan and Cisco Systems Company which aims to develop knowledge stations and provide certified training programs, falls in line with MoICT's plan to transform 80 knowledge stations to business incubators and accelerators during 2019-2020. The first phase of execution that the ministry began aims to develop 40 stations this year, inviting the private sector and civil society organizations to support the ministry's move towards renovating and developing the knowledge stations. Minster Gharaibeh also affirmed that the ministry will enable companies to benefit from the knowledge stations spread across the Kingdom's governorates and areas, by enabling these companies to use them as offices for employing the youth in governorates, in addition to benefitting from their infrastructure. He pointed out that the goal is providing the youth in governorates with training and employment opportunities, while enabling them to receive equal job opportunities in their cities and areas of residence, as well as saving them time and cost, in addition to reducing the operating and employment expenses for companies that are willing to benefit from knowledge stations.From his side, Marigny affirmed Orange Jordan's active role in being a digital partner for many institutions in the Kingdom, pointing out that this station is considered an addition to the company's previous achievements, represented by establishing projects that support digital transformation in all governorates that will contribute in enabling the youth to benefit from technology in developing their local communities. He also said that: "Orange Jordan has fully equipped "Emaar Al Tafila" with all the necessary devices and equipment during a very short period, and provided it with all telecommunications services, making it an ideal station, pointing out that the trainers from these governorates were thoroughly trained  in cooperation with the NITC.Regarding "Emaar Al Tafila" knowledge station's objectives, Marigny clarified that they fall in line with Orange Jordan's direction towards supporting the youth, in order for them to receive education and employment opportunities, saying that the company will work on bridging the digital gap across the governorates in the Kingdom, grow their capabilities and provide them with many skills that will support their careers and professional competencies, through offering them training in leadership, digital and soft skills, in the aim of increasing their competitiveness and efficiency, which will contribute to a socio-economic development.Eng. Mohamed Jinini, CSR Program Manager at CISCO, pointed out that the inauguration of Cisco Academy at Emaar Al Tafila Knowledge Station, considered to be the first CISCO academy in Al Tafila, in cooperation with Orange Jordan, is an important step to equip the future young generation entering the labor market with technological skills and international certificates that are related to network engineering and security, in addition to programming and Artificial Intelligence, which will increase their readiness and competitiveness in acquiring jobs or projects that meet their ambitions and increase their participation in the digital economy and Internet of Things (IoT). Al-Janini stressed out that some of the skills required in the ICT sector today also include English language and soft skills to deal with everyday life.It is worth mentioning that the applications to join the courses are received by Emaar Al Tafila station's mentor, where trainees receive specialized courses from the Cisco International Academy, including CCNA, CCNA Cyber Security and Python courses, and will benefit from digital and personal skills courses, which will increase their chances of finding suitable jobs. -END-
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