Orange Jordan becomes exclusive provider of internet and communications services for Jordan Press Foundation’s Al Rai

Orange Jordan becomes exclusive provider of internet and communications services for Jordan Press Foundation’s Al Rai

2 Nov 2016
​Al Rai, published by the Jordan Press Foundation (JPF), recently signed a strategic partnership agreement with Orange Jordan, by which Orange Jordan will supply a whole fleet of mobile lines to Al Rai, building on its longstanding partnership with the company, through which it already provides high speed internet to all of its offices spread throughout the governorates of the Kingdom. The agreement was signed by General Manager of JPF Fareed Silwani and CEO of Orange Jordan Jérôme Hénique in the attendance of Orange Jordan Deputy CEO and Chief Enterprise Officer Sami Smeirat, in addition to a number of other executives from both sides.Under this agreement, Orange Jordan will be providing Al Rai with rich bundled mobile lines while it will continue to benefit from advertising and media service provided by the Jordan Press Foundation to help its products gain further exposure in the market by reaching as many readers and subscribers as possible with the Al Rai print newspaper, Al Rai electronic newspaper, Al Rai TV channel, and the Jordan Times English newspaper. This step will serve to further solidify the preexisting bond between both Al Rai and Orange Jordan. Orange Jordan is able to provide its business customers with high-quality services and present new offers as a result of its efforts in making great strides in technological development. The company has been focusing on Next Generation Networks, which are a new era of networks representing the future of connectivity. Currently, Orange Jordan covers 95% of population with 4G/LTE, has 6,000 kilometers of FTTB (Fiber-To-The-Business) cables, and is installing more than 700 kilometers of FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) by the end of year.General Manager of Al Rai Fareed Silwani confirmed that the agreement constitutes a genuine partnership between the Jordan Press Foundation and the telecom sector, as the company considers Orange Jordan one of its main and most advanced foundations since it continues to grow in offering telecom services to its customers. Al Rai looks forward to more future cooperation with the company and to enter into more efficient and genuine partnerships such as this one.Silwani pointed to the importance of this agreement between the largest and most widespread news organization and one of the most important and recognized telecom companies in the Kingdom, which provides various kinds of internet and telecom services. He stressex the importance of strengthening this cooperation and participation in the best interests of both Al Rai and Orange Jordan in delivering their message in the most advanced and diverse way. Silwani valued the interest by Orange Jordan, one of the most prestigious operators in the Kingdom and around the world, to sign this agreement and provide its distinguished services as the internet and communications provider for the company, especially in light of the newspaper’s need for the fastest and most efficient internet services to keep up with rapid technological developments and to provide services to its readers and advertisers in the most optimal way. Silwani stated that this is what is expected of a newspaper that is considered one of the largest news organizations in the region and number one in Jordan.Silwani is looking forward to signing more similar agreements that serve the company and its vision, and contribute to supporting the private sector, as it delivers its message and programs to different segments of society through the most widespread newspaper in the Kingdom and through its electronic website, which is considered one of the most viewed websites internally and externally.Silwani assured the continuation of Al Rai’s approach to supporting the national economy and the foundations of the private sector, which contribute significantly to supporting the economy and solving the problems of poverty and unemployment. Orange Jordan CEO Jérôme Hénique pointed out that this type of partnership with large corporations carries great significance, saying: “By giving Al Rai the most advanced telecommunications solutions to complement their connectivity portfolio, and consequently working hand in hand with them as their business operations transform and optimize, we are mutually benefiting and achieving our goals together. As part of our five-year corporate strategy Essentials 2020, we are dedicated to accompanying the transformation of our enterprise customers.” He added: “With this partnership, Orange Jordan will continue acting as a digital trendsetter by introducing new technologies such as Next Generation Networks including LTE, FTTB, and FTTH. Our large investments in making them viable services for users in Jordan are the result of a streamlined effort to diversify our offers to our customers. All of these technologies aim at bringing our customers the fastest and most reliable fixed and mobile internet access through the latest available developments. We, accordingly, are successfully enabling these new networks to bring not only businesses but also consumers closer to meeting their connectivity needs with smart homes and offices, e-health, big data, and cloud computing, among many others to make their operations more efficient and effective and positively contribute to the economy.”Orange Jordan Chief Enterprise Officer Sami Smeirat said: “We look forward to building on our long-term partnership with Al Rai, our proud, well-established media reference, by providing them with Ultimate Business Lines including generous free minutes, a large data bundle, and unmatched international tariff rates. By presenting Al Rai with this special added service, we at Orange Jordan aim to keep the company connected at all times with the fastest existing speeds in the country, the newest technologies, and the best mobile line offers, and we look forward to offering more advanced offers and establishing more fruitful partnerships in the future.”He went on to say that Orange Jordan seeks to be long-term partners with a number of large organizations and companies in the country, like Al Rai, and it will continue offering the latest and most advanced technologies in the future to build on its already vast portfolio of telecommunications services and solutions.
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