Apart from ADSL and prepaid and postpaid Internet Everywhere packages, we have an extensive range of additional internet services, meant to help you get even more from your subscription with us.

This includes services like Safe internet service, giving you some peace of mind when it comes to you children spending time online. Just being online is no longer enough. We know that and that’s why we are offering these and other supplemental internet service to our customers. Inspect our offer closely, and we are sure you’ll find something that will pique your interest.

Internet services

fiber lp

Home Internet Fiber

The strongest and best fiber coverage in every corner of your house with Orange fiber internet...

4g flybox lp

4G Home Internet

Experience the strongest 4G mobile internet bundles with the new Orange Fly Box router and...

adsl lp

ADSL Home Internet

Our ADSL home internet plans come with outstanding internet speeds that reach up to 40Mbps and...

Safe Internet

Safe Internet


Orange Cloud


OSN Streaming


Gaming Control