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Find help answers on Orange Money Service, visit our help center to get more information on using the Mobile Wallet.

It is now possible to open an Orange Money wallet free of charge while at home through self-registration and have your wallet activated automatically so that you can receive your salary, pay for your basic needs such as bread, medicine, and groceries, refill your Orange Prepaid lines, pay your Orange Postpaid bills and send and receive money easily.

  • Through your mobile (self-registration): You can open your account by following the below steps:

    • Download the app from the Google Play Store, Apple Store, or HUAWEI AppGallery directly to your mobile phone

    • Create your profile using the self-registration on the mobile app

    • Add your phone number and your personal information

    • Take a picture of your ID (Front & Back)

    • After that you will receive a SMS that Orange Money Wallet is created successfully

  • Visit any of authorized Points of Sale or partners (full registration process) you need to fill the opening wallet form and provide the required documents

  •  Anyone or any corporate with an active Jordanian mobile phone number can open an Orange Money wallet
  • Bank account is not required; all you need is an active Jordanian mobile phone number and valid ID, passport, document or corporate ID
  • Opening an Orange Money wallet is free of charge
  • Refill Orange prepaid accounts
  • Pay Orange Postpaid bills
  • Merchant Payment
  • Access all eFAWATEERcom services “more than 200 billers”
  • Send local and international money transfers
  • Cash In / out through Orange shops, authorized points of sale, partners and Housing Bank ATM’s & all local ATMS’s
  • Shop online and use your companion card while traveling
  • Pay through the QR code
  • Purchase Electronic Vouchers
  • Where can I Cash In to my wallet?
    Orange Money users can Cash In through:
    • Orange shops
    • Authorized Points of Sales
    • Orange Money partners
    • Selected Total Gas stations
    • Cardless Cash In through Housing Bank ATM network
    • Cardless Cash in through Jordan Kuwait Bank, Arab Bank, Cairo Amman Bank & Capital Bank ATMs
    • Bank to wallet Cash In through eFAWATEERcom “Feed your Orange Money Wallet from your bank account”
  • Orange shops
  • Authorized Points of Sale
  • Orange Money partners
  • Selected Total Gas stations
  • Card & Cardless Cash Out through Housing Bank ATM network
  • Cardless Cash out through Jordan Kuwait Bank, Arab Bank, Cairo Amman Bank & Capital Bank ATMs
  • From any Local or International ATM using Orange Money Visa companion card
  •  Through Orange Money application:
    You need to login to your Orange Money app, and choose Money transfer, in the money transfer screen you will enter the mobile number that you want to transfer money to with the amount that you want to transfer and you can add any notes or remarks about this transfer after the transaction is done successfully you will receive an SMS with your transfer detail
  •  USSD menu (*999#) for Orange mobile customers only
    You need to follow the steps in the USSD
  • Transactions are immediate. You will receive a notification SMS within seconds after each successful transaction with details of the transaction, including your new balance and you will be able to see them instantly in the your mini statement inside the application
  • You can open up to two mobile wallets per ID at most, provided that each mobile wallet is linked only to one mobile number
  • It is absolutely safe to keep your money in your wallet. In addition the central bank of Jordan keeps records of all transactions to prevent any fraud
    If you suspect that someone has identified your ID, change your password immediately through Orange Money application or contact our customer service center at 0777700141 or 1441 or at Orange Money customer care email
  • You need to visit any of Orange shops and request to modify your mobile number and fill the form and sign it
  • You can check your balance anytime through Orange Money mobile application and USSD menu
  • Orange Money is a licensed payment service provider by the Central Bank of Jordan.
  • Yes, You can access your Orange Money wallet overseas and perform all transactions
  • Any transfer you make will be confirmed via an in App confirmation message before proceeding. Unfortunately, once you confirm the transaction, you cannot reclaim the amount sent

All types of mobile devices support Orange Money. All you need is just an active mobile phone number.

  •  For smart phones you can download Orange Money Jordan application using the below links: IOS , Android
  •  For non-smart phones you can use the USSD menu *999# Orange numbers only

To know more about the limits of purchases, transfers, withdrawals, or deposits please visit the Transactions Fees and Limits page

  • Please call Orange Money customer service center to verify the transaction and we will try to help you by checking the transaction log
  • Yes you can close your wallet by visiting any of our Orange shops, but first you need to Cash Out the wallet balance and then to fill out the termination form
  • No, there are no monthly or yearly fees, but you need to keep your wallet active by making any transaction, because if it stayed inactive for 1 year it will be frozen and changed to dormant automatically & the then you should pay a Frozen wallet fee 2 JD’s per month
  •  Yes you can use it, however, if you want to make a transaction that requires a One Time Password, your line must be active or at least receiving SMS .
  •  If you would like to switch to a new active line, you must visit any of our Orange shops in the kingdom to fill out a modification request to change the mobile number and the wallet be directly active on the new number.
  • Please call the customer service center immediately at 0777700141 or 1441 or through any of our Orange shops to deactivate your wallet. Once you replaced the SIM you can reactivate the wallet by calling customer service center, or through Orange shops
  •  UAE Exchange
  •  Saudi Exchange
  •  Hani Saudi Exchange
  •  Musharbash Exchange
  •  Khalil Al Rahman Exchange
  •  Abu Sheikha Exchange
  •  Alalami Exchange
  •  Zamzam Exchange
  •  Al Shorouq Exchange
  •  Jordan Post
  • Al Fuais Exchange
  • Almousa Exchange
  • Sahloul Exchange

Yes, Orange Money Visa Companion Card can be connected to PayPal account to make purchases. As for the transfer and the rest of the PAYPAL services currently are not available.

If the wallet balance is less than 2 JDs, the available amount will be deducted.

Deductions will begin on the next month after dormancy and it will take place on the 28th of each month

QR (Quick Response) Code is a new secured digital payment method provided by Orange Money that can read barcode by most smartphone cameras.

when reaching the cashier, your purchases will be calculated and then entering the total on a device, and then creating a QR code, after that through Orange Money application on the mobile press on “Transactions by QR code” and scan the QR code on the cashier device and then The required amount will appear on the mobile with full transaction details for approval and completion of the purchase.

You can use QR payment at all of Orange shops, to check our list of shops, please follow this link:

QR service is free of charge

Our customer service agents are ready to serve you, please call 1441 or 0777700141 for more information

CliQ is a system for instant payments. It is owned and operated by JoPACC. The system enables the instant transfer of money.

Currently, Orange Money clients and selected banks clients which are connected on the system can benefit from the system services.

We apply the same local transfers limit, which is 10 transfers per day

To know the Cliq transfer fees, please visit Transaction Fees and Limits page

  • First, please update Orange Money wallet application through the App Store, Google Play or Huawei app Gallery, and then log in to your wallet.
  • Login into Orange Money Wallet
  • Then click on “CliQ” in the side menu
  • Then you can add an Alias either in alphanumeric or email format
  • Then tap on “Add”
  • You can add up to 5 Aliases and you can set the desired Alias to be as default sender
  • You can also delete and suspend the aliases
  • First, please update Orange Money wallet application through the App Store, Google Play or Huawei app Gallery, and then log in to your wallet.
  • Choose (Money Transfer)
  • Enter the receiver CliQ Alias name of the (the Alias name of the receiver bank or the mobile wallet)
  •  Then press Transfer

You can send money internationally from Orange Money wallet by following the below steps:

  • Login to Orange Money Wallet
  • Click on International Money Transfer
  • Click on “Send”
  • Then add recipient: Add the money transfer recipient
  • Fill the Transfer details: Add the transfer details which includes (recipient Country, receiving method, transfer method, amount, Currency and other information)
  • Fill the recipient information: Add the transfer recipient information which includes (full name, phone number, nationality, address, relationship with the recipient & purpose of the transaction)
  • Review and confirm screen: Review the transfer amount before sending
  • And after reading and accepting the terms and conditions you can confirm and transfer the money
  • And when you finish you will see the Transfer Reference Number in which you can copy or share with the recipient
  • Then you will receive an SMS with the transaction details

You can send and receive money internationally to more than 200 countries

Based on The Central Bank of Jordan, the maximum monthly limit for the total value of outgoing and incoming international transfers should not exceed 5,000 Jordanian Dinars

You can check the status of your transfers anytime in the app by following the below steps:

  • Login to Orange Money Jordan Application
  • Choose “International Transfers”
  • Choose “Transaction History”
  • And then you can check the status of transfer

Our receipts are electronic; you can download and share your transactions through your mini statement

Yes, you can send money to the recipient’s Bank Account if this option is supported in the recipient’s country

You can receive money internationally to your Orange Money wallet by following the below steps:

  • Choose “International Transfers”
  • Click on Receive
  • Then you should enter the transaction number (which was provided by the sender abroad) to retrieve transaction details and after your confirmation, the transferred amount will be collected and transferred to your Orange Money wallet securely

Transfer fees depend on the recipient’s country and the transfer value

  • Always make sure you know who you are sending money to
  • Discontinue a call if a caller coaches you to respond to questions asked by Western Union
  • Security is everyone's responsibility. Stay informed. stay well informed of new fraud trends.

The minimum amount that you can cash in into your wallet through eFAWATEERcom bank to wallet is 5 JDs


Electronic Vouchers are prepaid cards that contain a specific amount of money that anyone can buy to download favorite applications, games, videos or content.

You can pay for the Electronic Vouchers directly through your Orange Money wallet

You can purchase your favorite Electronic Vouchers from Orange Money wallet by following the below steps:

  • Login to Orange Money Jordan Application
  • Choose e-Vouchers tab
  • Select your desired Electronic Voucher from the list or you can filter to easily find the desired Electronic Vouchers then press next
  • Then chose the desired Electronic Voucher Store and the denomination and then press more details and buy
  • After selecting the desired Electronic Voucher and desired store you can hear the Electronic Voucher price in Jordanian Dinars its details
  • Then check the Electronic Voucher details you want to buy, and after reading and accepting the terms and conditions, press buy
  • A confirmation screen will appear to confirm the purchase, and the price of the electronic voucher will be shown in Jordanian dinars, which will be deducted from your wallet, then click on confirm
  • Then the purchase process will be completed successfully and You will get the code instantly in the screen and you can copy it or share it

You can find all your Electronic Vouchers that you purchased in “My e-Vouchers” tab

You can find the details for the electronic Vouchers that you purchased in “My e-Vouchers” tab and you can see the details by clicking “More details”

Please call 1441 from Orange or 0777700141 from other networks

Please call 1441 from Orange or 0777700141 from other networks and we will be more than happy to help you

Denomination is the value that you will find in your account when you redeem your Electronic Voucher on the respective platform, the price is the Electronic Voucher value in Jordanian Dinars

  • Orange Money Electronic Vouchers are available 24/7
  •  The process is very simple and secure. No complicated steps to follow
  • Customer will get the desired Electronic Vouchers directly and instantly after the purchase

Expiry of Electronic Vouchers is 6 months from purchasing time

The currency used is Jordanian Dinars

No, when the Electronic Voucher is purchased in a different account store, the Electronic Voucher code will not work

Call From Orange 1441(or)

from other networks 0777700141

Send to WhatsApp 0777700141


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