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You won’t lose what you don’t use. Carry over your unused megabytes from the main bundle to the next month when you renew your subscription on time or any time before the monthly subscription expiry date.

Always-on data is designed to give you peace of mind, giving you free access to the internet at a reduced speed once you use up all your internet bundles. You can restore full speed by renewing your subscription anytime or by buying an internet bundle.

Customer service is available 24/7 to answer all your questions by calling us on 1777 from Orange mobile numbers or on 0777700177 from other networks

You care about your privacy and you don’t want everyone to know your number, now you can subscribe with your private number service. Orange offers you the ability to hide your number with the choice of monthly, weekly or daily subscription at a low cost.

let you know all your incoming calls when your mobile is switched off or out of reach so that you will receive an SMS containing the caller’s number along with the date and time of each call.

You can get the settings to access the internet for your handset by dialing *140# .

You can replace your SIM card by visiting any of Orange shops

Because we know how important it is for you to stay connected even when you are out of credit, we created SOS for you to make your important calls or get the services you need instantly even when you are out of credit.

A secured self-care application for Orange mobile users, that offers our customers a personalized account management experience and allows them to:

  1. Check their credit balance
  2. Recharge their account or the account of a friend
  3. Manage their services & data bundles subscriptions
  4. Easy access to data and roaming bundles
  5. Migrate to the best offers
  6. Pay their bill through credit card
  7. Locate Orange shops through its GPS-enabled feature
  8. Keep them updated with the latest promotions, offers and services from Orange, helping them to get the most from the Orange universe

Reduced calling rates available for many countries around the world. Press *413# to subscribe, inquire about your international calls bundle or balance.

To stay connected with family and friends, orange provides you the best discounted rates on international calls . To know more about offers with discounted rates, please visit

Orange prepaid calling card ( tax inclusive ) that offers you best rates for international calls whether you are calling to a mobile phone or fixed line.

•    Press *150* insert scratch card number and then #  to refill your balance.
•    Press *155# to check your balance and remaining bundles.
•    Press *152# to know your renewal date and to renew your subscription before time ( renewal on demand)
•    Press *777# to buy additional bundles.
•    Press *156# to know your offer.
•    Press *200# to select your desired offer
•    Press *979# to control your out of bundle internet consumption.
•    Press *115# to know your mobile number.
•    Press *131# for “CLIR (private number)” service.
•    Press *130# for “ Missed call Alert (MCA)” service.
•    Press *606#  for SOS credit ( emergency credit) service.
•    Press *155*11# to check the remaining minutes to India
•    Press *155*12# to check the remaining minutes to Bangladesh
•    Press *565# to buy additional bundles for Egypt.
•    Press *949# to unsubscribe from Dandana ring back tone service

Dial *112# on your mobile to block receiving ADV messages.

  1. Send the word "List" on WhatsApp to 0777700177
  2. Select "Self-Services"
  3. Choose "Know Your Balance"
  4. If you want to know the balance of your line, choose "My Number", or the balance of another number, choose "Another Number," and write the desired line number
  5. Enter the verification number that will connect you
  6. Your main balance, calls and internet details are now available to you!
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With pay monthly offers, you can enjoy discount on a wide range of 4G handsets based on monthly fees and commitment period
**Terms and conditions apply

With pay monthly offers, you can get a golden number

You can use flexible minutes to call other local networks and 45 international destinations (USA, Canada, Bangladesh, Brunei, India, Cyprus, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Finland, Brazil, Alaska, Hungary, Pakistan, Taiwan, Paraguay, Virgin Islands, Faro Iceland, Indonesia, Mariana Is. (Saipan), Martinique, Namibia, Netherland, Chile, Bermuda, American Samoa, Australia, China, Colombia, Denmark, Guam, Iceland, Ireland, Korea (South), Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Norway, Peru, Romania, Slovak, Sweden, Hawaii, Singapore, & Puerto Rico)
**Terms and conditions apply

Once you finish your bundle you can browse unlimited internet at lower speeds (20 GB for maximum consumption) automatically

You can benefit from a percentage of the remaining data automatically

You can receive calls while roaming for 10 piaster / minute after finishing the built in bundle

  • •    *110# open Orange Fun Services
    •    *234# Download My Orange App
    •    *115# Know your mobile number
    •    *777# Check monthly bundles
    •    *131# “CLIR (private number) service
    •    *130# "Missed call Alert (MCA)" service.

Dial *112# on your mobile to block receiving ADV messages.


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