Bills Payment

You can pay bills and recharge the balance at any time through many payment channels available by Orange Jordan  or through many authorized banks.

Visa and MasterCard debit and credit. (Cards must be activated for online transactions).

Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome

Yes our online payment gateway uses 3D Secure.

Customer has the right to object on fraudulent activities and if proven customer will be refunded.

Your payment will be processed instantly.

Mobile, Fixed, Internet Everywhere, ADSL/Fiber and Bait Al Aileh convergent offers.

After the payment is confirmed and processed, a confirmation SMS will be sent by Orange and by the customer’s bank.

You can access your bill details through Orange e-care (log in account).

You can contact our Call Center by calling 1777 or 077700177 or contact us through Orange Live Chat or you can visit our Shops , if the transaction is declined by the issuer, then you need to contact your Bank.

The minimum amount is 5.0 JOD.


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Check out how can you add Direct Debit service through your credit card

Check out how can you add Direct Debit service through your credit card

Our Subscribers and VISA or Mastercard users can use the following safe link to authorize us to deduct their monthly bills automatically from their credit card, also, they can modify or delete the transaction without the need to visit our shops.

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All transactions are made through Direct Deduction for Internet, Mobile and Fixed lines
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