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Gaming Control

Control your children’s studying & playing time !

From 12 midnight until 7 PM during weekdays, And ensure the quality of your children’s studying time.

Gaming Control
Gaming Control
Service Benefits
Playing games can be fun and even beneficial for your child. But it simply mustn’t interfere with how much time your child spends studying. This is where Orange Jordan’s Gaming Control service comes into play.
Our Gaming Control service helps you make sure that your children are not playing online games during studying hours by disabling the use of online gaming apps. This can be extremely important for parents who want their children to stay focused while studying and learn as much as they can without any distractions.

Gaming Control helps you through..

Blocks games from 12 AM to 7 PM (except on weekends)
Can block 99% of the online games
Available for PC, Mobile, Xbox, and PlayStation Games

How to Subscribe to Gaming Control Service

Service Subscribe
Parents can activate the service by calling customer care 1214, visiting the Orange Extra page, or through Orange Shops.
Automatic Activation
Once you subscribe to the Gaming Control service, it is activated automatically and your kid’s online games will be blocked each day from 12 AM to 7 PM, except during the weekends when the online games app is fully available all day.
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