OTI POP in Amman Orange Tier 1 – OTI / AS5511

The first and the only Tier 1 IP POP for Orange in Middle East was launched on June 2016 to provide customers with Tier 1 IP solution directly from Amman.

The POP was built to handle high-growth on IP demand in the Middle East and to provide high speed and better quality of service, through the high level of protection available on both physical and IP level, and by bringing content providers closer to internet users.

The POP is providing a wide range of added value services for customers wishing to connect to it with very competitive prices.

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DDoS-Distributed Denial of Service attack

An option of the Open Transit Internet

DDoS service provided by Orange is a proactive protection solution for IP transit against DDoS attacks. This protection solution enables all Orange clients to be protected from DDoS attacks on the OTI network by notifying them in case of a DDoS attack, and giving them the possibility to launch mitigations via an access to an Arbor web portal, in order to clean all types of their traffic under attack (IPV4 and IPV6).

How it works?

From a peaceful environment



Without OTI DDoS solution



With OTI DDoS solution



IPX from Amman POP

IPX is a solution for operators which enables them provide their customers with a seamless user experience when using mobile phones in a roaming situation.

By accessing Orange IPX cloud, you can benefit from a wide range of services that are very essential for IPX carriers; voice, signaling, and 3G/4G data, in addition to others services like MMS, Blackberry…etc.

Orange IPX solution features:

Secure network, fully owned, based on MPLS and isolated from public internet. Class of service (Gold/ Silver/Bronze) to prioritize traffic. Software upgrade. One access link supports all kind of traffic. Orange is Tier-1 provider connected to all major carriers in the world.


LDE (Long Distance Ethernet)

LDE is a layer two service built over IP network, where it provides customers with end-to-end connectivity solutions between two LDE POPs, with a possible extension up to customer location.

The service is available with capacity ranges that start from 2Mpbps up to 1Gbps.

Additional benefits:

With Ethernet interfaces, the total cost is limited compared to classic SDH.
Bandwidth increase is possible without service interruption.
Fast delivery.