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Orange Jordan and the Aqaba Container Terminal have taken a pioneering step in Jordan and the region by signing an agreement to establish a private 5G cellular network for the Aqaba Container Terminal company. This move aims to meet the company's needs and operational requirements by providing it with the latest technologies and solutions from Orange's global expertise.

With this agreement, Orange Jordan becomes the first telecommunications provider in the kingdom and within the Orange group in the Middle East and Africa to undertake the creation of a private 5G cellular network for business sector customers. This significant achievement follows Orange Jordan's launch of the new 5G technology earlier this year.

The opening of this network in Aqaba will enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of the port region, in addition to delivering unparalleled service quality to the Aqaba Container Terminal in the industrial port area. It will also enable the development of new use cases tailored to its specific needs. This partnership will not only boost economic growth in the region but also serve as an attractive force for valuable investments. Philip Mansour, CEO of Orange Jordan, expressed his pride in this pioneering step, stating, "I am proud of this groundbreaking move through which Orange will provide its 5G solutions to the Aqaba Container Terminal. The 5G revolution is a tremendous technological leap and a unique opportunity to enhance competitiveness, efficiency, and flexibility. Investing in the latest available technologies, innovation, and enriching people's lives while empowering other sectors to drive economic and social development in the entire kingdom is at the core of what Orange Jordan offers as a leading digital provider."

Harold Niehuff, CEO of the Aqaba Container Terminal, also emphasized the importance of their partnership with Orange Jordan in establishing a private 5G network for the terminal, stating, "Our partnership with Orange Jordan to create a private 5G network for the Aqaba Container Terminal is a moment of great significance in our technological journey. This forward-looking initiative will enhance our operational efficiency and digital infrastructure in Aqaba. We are committed to this strategic partnership, which not only supports our current objectives but also paves the way for our future strategies and visions. We appreciate Orange Jordan's dedication and excellence in innovating and providing solutions tailored to various requirements, and we look forward to continued success and growth together."

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