Orange SD-WAN is a complementary service to MPLS “Software Defined over Wide Area Network” it is Internet-based networking to connect the branches with the best of kind technology, quality of service , security and advanced features.

Net Boss

NetBoss performance management (Netboss PM)
is a web application you can access from anywhere any time using login credentials provided by orange, netboss gives the customer real time visibility to his network.

  • TrafficTraffic Utilization & BW (Upload, Download).
  • PerformanceIP Performance (Latency, Packet Loss).
  • BatterySaves Battery.
  • HealthDevice Health (CPU, memory, Physical Availability)

NetBoss performance management

The Netboss performance manager designed to address the challenges that many customers are facing these days gives NetOps teams complete, real-time visibility of performance and sophisticated tools for finding performance issues that impact their Network with Complete, Real-Time and End-to-End Visibility.

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Full visibility
Network optimozatio
High security without extra cost
Technical Details



Improved User Experience: allows remote sites to connect more easily to networks, with lower latency, better performance, and more reliable connectivity
Simplicity: SD-WAN uses automation and other benefits to make connectivity a simpler process across mixed environments, including on-premises, hybrid, and cloud.
Multi-cloud: organizations have the flexibility to select the best cloud provider