Co-location service provides the customer with co-location for their servers and commutation equipment in a highly protected, environmentally controlled best of breed Data Center , Moreover, stable and reliable network architecture to meet the expanding business needs


provide remote intervention upon customer request
offering automated and monitored environmental controls
Fire detection and protection
Technical Details

Data Center options

  • Option 1- Rack Space: Rack space will be provided in standard racks . 
  • Option 2-Locked Cabinet in Racks Containment : it consists of closed ,locked cabinets, wich accept equipment designed for standard 19"racks.The customer can occupy either the entire rack or in half incerments.Racks Containment at Cold Aisle is only available at Orange Jordan's Data Center . 
  • Option3- Secured Room: For customers with large equipment or greater space requirements , The Marj Al Hamam Data Center provides secure cages with either 2 or 4 cabinets inside 


Allows customers to outsource hosting of all critical servers with minimum invest of infrastructure.
High Scalability and expandability for hosted customers if more space or bandwidth is needed .
Enables crucial content and data elements and relates high end equipment to be closest to Orange MPLS backbone.