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The “Follow Me” service is a migration notification service for you when migrating from other operators to your Orange. When a caller tries to contact you on the old number, they will be notified automatically about your new number and you will even get a missed call SMS alert on the your new Orange number with the caller’s contact number.

Technical Details

“Follow Me” Service requirements:

  •  New Orange number.
  •  Active Old number (Zain, Umniah or Orange). • Enough credit to make one call to Orange network.

The Corporate Ring Back Tone (RBT) service is specifically designed for corporate clients to enhance their image. With this service, companies can have their own customized default ring tones to be played back on their employees’ handsets during the business hours. As this service is built on a CRBT platform, the employees can still specify personalized ring back tones for non-business periods.

Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT) Offers

Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT) Table

Subscription Tariffs
Subscription 20 piaster/ customer
Monthly Subscription 80 piaster/ customer


Effective spread
Flexible setting

With Missed Call Alert service lets you know all your incoming calls when your mobile is switched off or out of reach so that you will receive an SMS containing the caller’s number along with the date and time of each call.

Useful Information

How to subscribe

Monthly subscription: Price 1 JD

  • Per *USS# Code

    - Dial *130# and follow the instructions.
    - Send “ sub “ or “ register “ to 97787

  • Per SMS

    - Send “ yes” or empty SMS to 97787, price 6 Piasters / SMS.

How to un-subscribe

  • Per *USS# Code

    - Dial *130# and follow the instructions.

  • Per SMS

    - Send “ yes” or empty SMS to 97787, price 6 Piasters / SMS.

Changing the service language

Missed Call Alert service is available in both Arabic and English languages

  • To change to Arabic language

    - Send “ALERT LANG A” to 97787 by SMS

  • To change to English language

    - Send “ALERT LANG E” by SMS to 97787
    * Price 6 piasters/SMS


  • For Missed Call Alerts (MCA) messages

    - Send “ALERT MSG DIV 0777xxxxxx” to 97787
    * Example: to divert Missed Call Alert messages to 0777112233, send the below command by SMS to 97787: ALERT MSG DIV 0777112233.

  • To Cancel divert

    - Send “ALERT MSG DIV DEL” to 97787

Greeting message

  • You can send a greeting message to anyone who calls you when your mobile is switched off or unreachable.
  • Set greeting message on Send “ALERT GREETING” followed by the greeting message that you want to 97787.
  • Price 6 piasters/SMS.

Fake-switch-off service

  • Activate fake-switch-off *21*142# • Cancel fake-switch-off ##21#

Share your thoughts and plans throughout the day with your callers through “My Status” service. Write your own status and send it by SMS.

Useful Information 

Send a SMS to 97700 or choose from our predefined list through *959# which will appear on your callers’ screens.Subscription fee of 0.20JD per week. You can update and change your status up to 30 times a day for free, after the 30th status update, 0.15JD will be deducted.