With Orange ILAN service we respond to your needs, by deploying a Local Area Network (LAN), based on our flexible solution called Integrated LAN.

Integrated LAN is defined to support new business-critical applications (IP telephony, IP video, E-learning, e-commerce applications…) and new business environmental trends (mobility, digitalization, virtualization, merger & acquisition…) which extend largely the benefit of using a global operator & integrator for coherent solutions. Indeed, the complexity, the rapid technology evolution, and new applications imposed new challenges and threats in enterprises’ daily business, and performances. Orange Jordan’s objective is to leverage its strong assets in fixed Internet & VPN network solutions to provide a cost-effective integrated global network from WAN to LAN.

Net Boss

NetBoss performance management (Netboss PM)
is a web application you can access from anywhere any time using login credentials provided by orange, netboss gives the customer real time visibility to his network.

  • TrafficTraffic Utilization & BW (Upload, Download).
  • PerformanceIP Performance (Latency, Packet Loss).
  • BatterySaves Battery.
  • HealthDevice Health (CPU, memory, Physical Availability)

NetBoss performance management

The Netboss performance manager designed to address the challenges that many customers are facing these days gives NetOps teams complete, real-time visibility of performance and sophisticated tools for finding performance issues that impact their Network with Complete, Real-Time and End-to-End Visibility.

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As the network topology differs from customer to customer based in the needs, service is Tailor Made Offers (customized). Orange has a financing model or purchasing model so corporate customers have the options whether:

  • To buy ILAN components for a monthly rental fee on top of Orange connectivity (ADSL, Fiber, ILL, LL, etc) or
  • To buy ILAN components as a standalone device

With a wide variety of models are available from all vendors such as CISCO, HPE, FortiNet etc. to fit all customers’ needs and preferences So if you want to expand your offices or upgrade your network you can contact Orange to get the best end-to-end experience from WAN to LAN. Service includes a full project management and maintenance for Cabling, Switches WiFi AP in addition to after deployment change management option after that network topology and knowledge is transferred to the concerned party form the customer side to manage the network with an after support and change management option in case customer wants to change or add any new port configuration.


Better collaboration
Full visibility
Network optimozatio
Technical Details

Components of ILAIN

  • Cabling component 
  • Switches component
  • WiFi AP component
  • Maintenance Service (product warranty and Incident management for the 1st level of configuration )
  • Change Management Service (Package)