Auto Voice Services will help you to organize and manage your calls on your new or existing fixed line without wasting anytime by directing your calls to the right destination while enabling your clients to hear an auto-recorded voice message redirecting them to what they need based on a predefined options list. The Auto Voice Services will allow your company to handle all call traffic efficiently.

Auto voice Services Offers

Auto voice Services table

Plans Auto Voice to Fixed Auto Voice to other destinations Out of Bundle
Auto Voice 5 Unlimited 1,060 Minutes 1.5 Piaster/ minutes
Auto Voice 8 Unlimited 1,400 Minutes 1.5 Piaster/ minutes
Auto Voice 12 Unlimited 2,000 Minutes 1.5 Piaster/ minutes


Ability to record welcome calls and promotional messages
User-friendly web portal to control the service
Reports and details of all incoming calls


An easy & friendly way to manage your incoming call to run your business at its best!