Web Application Firewall (WAF) protection Services Automatically blocks the website hack attempts.


High Security
Cost Optimization
Technical Details

Service types/offers:

  • Managed WAF on OJO cloud:
    - Providing a private (virtual) WAF for securing portal/WEB service.
  • Managed WAF on Customer Premises:
    - Providing a WAF appliance at the customer premises is a special case deployment.

Deployment phases
Data gathering (through a pre-defined questioner)

  1.  Web Applications Discovery
  2.  Learning mode
  3.  Policy building
  4.  Policy tuning
  5. Blocking mode
  6.  Solution documentation


Managed WAF service is priced according to number of domains, Pages, and traffic (Transaction per Second)


Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) service is a protection solution for companies that depend on web applications for connecting with customers 24/7
We also provide SSL offloading for WEB services
We provide more than 450 audit policies for a wide range of assets and standards