Because our goal has always been to deliver the highest levels of service and be the strongest internet provider in Jordan, we are launching the latest version of the fourth generation network (4G+).

Our customers will experience unprecedented speeds that reach up to 250 Mbps through this highly advanced network.

For the first time in Jordan our customers can live the new 4G+ adventure through Orange and enter a world that they have never imagined, that of high speed and network reliability, endless online video games, movies and series in high definition, high-quality video calls with their families when they are in the 4G+ covered areas and have a 4G+ compatible device.

How to
Activate the service


Go to mobile Settings.

Open Network

Open Network


There is an option called Carrier aggregation.

ON Off

Switch it ON to activate and OFF to deactivate.


How can I get the new 4G+ technology?

  • You need to be in the covered areas.
  • You need to have a compatible device.

Do I have to change my SIM card to get 4G+ subscription?

You can use flexible minutes to call other local networks and 45 international destinations (USA, Canada, Bangladesh, Brunei, India, Cyprus, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Finland, Brazil, Alaska, Hungary, Pakistan, Taiwan, Paraguay, Virgin Islands, Faro Iceland, Indonesia, Mariana Is. (Saipan), Martinique, Namibia, Netherland, Chile, Bermuda, American Samoa, Australia, China, Colombia, Denmark, Guam, Iceland, Ireland, Korea (South), Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Norway, Peru, Romania, Slovak, Sweden, Hawaii, Singapore, & Puerto Rico) **Terms and conditions apply.

What is the maximum speed of 4G+ technology?

Speed can reach up to 250 Mbps, and depends on:

  • Number of users in the same area.
  • Distance from the covering site.
  • Mobile phone capability.
  • Being inside or outside the building.

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