Orange Fiber introduces FTTR (Fiber to the Room)

an innovative, all-optical Wi-Fi solution designed to bring gigabit coverage directly to each room in your house.

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Orange FTTR 

Gone are the days of buffering and slow connections, especially in hard-to-reach areas. With FTTR, optical fibers are extended to individual rooms, ensuring fast, seamless, and uninterrupted network speeds. Ideal for homes with multiple rooms and floors, FTTR guarantees that your house is equipped with the high-speed internet you deserve.



Key Benefits



Hidden cabling, transparent fiber


10X Faster Wi-Fi

Enjoy faster internet compared to previous technology. Stream your favorite movies and series in high quality without buffering.


75% Lower:

Reducing Wi-Fi latency by 75%


Seamless Wi-Fi

No disconnection when moving between rooms



Fiber + Wi-Fi 6 combination



Stable speed even with multiple devices


and Safe:

Optimizes energy consumption


16X more connected
devices simultaneously:

Wi-Fi 6 technology enables multiple devices to connect simultaneously without compromising performance.

Get Orange Fiber offers with FTTR technology for only 8 JD/month extra added to your regular monthly fees. This offer is valid until the end of June.

  • The service includes a new FTTR Fiber Box and two FTTR Extenders with Wi-Fi 6 technology
  • You need to check if your current device supports Wi-Fi 6 for the best possible experience

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FTTR installation steps

Fiber to the Room (FTTR) FAQs

What is Fiber to the Room (FTTR)?

FTTR is a technology that delivers high-speed fiber optic internet directly to individual rooms within a building, such as hotels, apartments, or offices.

How does FTTR benefit users?

FTTR provides users with fast and reliable internet connectivity, allowing for seamless browsing, streaming, and online activities within their rooms.

What are the main advantages of FTTR over traditional internet connections?

FTTR offers superior speed, stability, and bandwidth compared to traditional internet connections like DSL or cable. It also eliminates the need for shared connections, ensuring consistent performance even during peak usage times.

How is FTTR installed in buildings?

FTTR installation involves running fiber optic cables directly to each room, typically through existing conduits or wiring pathways. This requires coordination with building management and may involve some construction work.

Can FTTR support additional services besides internet access?

Yes, FTTR can support a range of services including VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), and smart home applications.

Is FTTR available in all locations?

FTTR availability may vary depending on the infrastructure in place.

Is FTTR more secure than other types of internet connections?

FTTR can offer enhanced security features such as encryption and dedicated connections, making it more secure than shared internet connections. However, users should still follow best practices for internet security to protect their devices and data.

What happens if there is a problem with the FTTR service?

In the event of a service issue, users can contact our call center for assistance.