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using your Orange Money wallet to and from
More than 200 Countries
Now from Orange Money you can securely send and receive money internationally anytime anywhere through your Orange Money wallet with very simple steps
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Orange Money International Transfers Features
Worldwide reach, you can send and receive money to/from more than 200 Countries around the world
Secure and easy to use
Save your time and effort to send and receive money with very simple steps
Under the Central Bank of Jordan’s supervision & powered by Mushrbash Exchange
Competitive fees
Available 24/7
Traceable transfers
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How can I
Add recipient
Add the money transfer recipient
Fill the transfer details
Add the transfer details which includes (recipient Country, receiving method, transfer method, amount, Currency and other information)
Fill the recipient information
Add the transfer recipient information which includes (full name, phone number, nationality, address, relationship with the recipient & purpose of the transaction)
Review and confirm screen
Review and confirm the transfer amount and the read the terms and conditions before sending the transfer