Orange Fiber is the fastest internet in Jordan with a certificate approved by SpeedChecker:

Orange Jordan won the award for the fastest Fixed Internet - Fiber in Jordan for the year 2023 in the second year in a row, with a certificate approved by SpeedChecker. Studies and speed tests for Fixed internet subscribers in Jordan showed that Orange is the fastest in the kingdom.

This included studies and speed measurements carried out by SpeedChecker on a large sample of Jordanian subscribers on different Internet service providers in Jordan during 2023.

Orange Jordan confirms the importance of such studies that measure the internet speed with a high level of accuracy, as it helps identify the capability of networks in satisfying customer needs and continuously improving them.

Moreover, Orange as a responsible digital leader is committed to providing unmatched digital experiences for its subscribers through different digital applications such as remote working, e-learning, and watching movies and videos in the highest quality, in addition to online gaming and entertainment.

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fastest internet fiber in Jordan


About SpeedChecker:

SpeedChecker is a company headquartered in Ireland and offices in the UAE, with a longstanding commitment to the Middle East region. The company has helped many users understand how the Internet works faster, continuously since 2008, and works to provide websites and smart applications that enable users to check the quality of the Internet connection. Phone operators are using business solutions to make the Internet infrastructure better and available to everyone.

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