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5G Covered Areas
Covered areas in Amman
Mukhayam Talbiyeh
Baladiyeh - Jbaiha
Abdoon Janoobi
Kuliah Eslamiah - Jubaiha
Princess Sumaya University for Technology
Um Essommaq
University of Jordan


Our Shops List

West area
  • Boulevard
  • Abdali shop
  • Safeway al shmisani
  • Talaa al ali shop
  • Safway 7th circle
  • Sweifieh shop
  • Flagship Abdoun
  • Taj mall
  • Mecca mall
  • City mall
  • Target mall shop
  • Panorama mall shop
  • Sweileh shop
  • Bayader shop
East area
  • Jabal al Hussein
  • Dahyet AL-Yasmin
  • Shafa Badran
  • Isteklal mall
North area
  • Irbid central/JT
  • Irbid city center
  • Irbid university street
  • Irbid 30th Street

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5G Handsets list

5G service will be activated by default on all the below devices models list, except for the iPhone devices should be on the last update to enable the service.

  • iphone seires from iphone 12 onwards


  • Tecno,Spark 10 5G 
  • Tecno,Camon 19 Pro 5G 
  • Tecno,POVA 5G 
  • Tecno,POVA 5 Pro 5G 
  • Tecno, Camon 20 pro 5G 
  • Tecno, Camon 20 premier  5G 
  • Tecno, Phantom X2 Pro 5G 
  • Tecno,Phantom V fold 5G 
  • Samsung Galaxy A14 5G (Orange Exclusive)
  • Samsung Galaxy A series from A33 onwards
  • Samsung Galaxy S series from S22 onwards
  • Samsung Galaxy Z series from Z3 onwards
  • Moto,G53 5G
  • Moto Razar 40 Ultra 5G  
  • Infinix, Hot 20 5G 
  • Infinix,Hot 30 5G
  • Infinix,Note 30 VIP 5G 
  • Infinix,Zero 20 Ultra 5G

To find out to activate 5G service on your 5G handset , you can watch this video tutorial


Frequently Asked Questions

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks, and it is expected to bring several improvements over its predecessor, 4G. Some of the key benefits of 5G include faster speeds (up to 10Gbps), lower latency (the time between sending a network request and receiving a response), and the ability to support more devices in a given area. This opens the door to many new possibilities.

What are the benefits of 5G?

  • 5G will have higher throughput than 4G, allowing faster download speeds and the ability to use some new applications that require very high throughput, such as ultra-HD streaming.
  • 5G's latency is 50 times lower than 4G, which is critical for applications such as self-driving cars and improves the user experience for online gaming, for example.
  • 5G can handle 100 times more connections per square kilometer than 4G. This allows massive use of connected devices and avoids network slowdowns in congested areas. In a nutshell, 5G offers a better user experience and enables many new possibilities.

Can I have 5G on my phone?

You can check if your phone is 5G capable on this list. If your phone is 5G capable, you may need to activate 5G. To do this, you can click on this link and search for the tutorial for your phone model.

Do all 5G handsets support 5G service?

You can enjoy 5G on all 5G supported handsets.

What is the difference between Fiber & 5G Home internet?

Both 5G & FTTH are services that are designed as a home internet solution in which they provide very high-speed internet and low latency (ping),that impowers the best internet experience for Gaming, streaming, watching movies & series with high quality. 
The customer can choose between any of the offers based on his preference and his needs 

  1. FTTH offers 
  2. 5G Home Offer 

Does 5G work on international roaming?

Yes, and it depends on 5G roaming agreements with the mobile operators in the visited country. The service is available now in:

United KingdomEE