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5G Internet Offers

Orange 5G internet, now in Jordan!
Unlock lightning-fast speeds and limitless connections with our 5G internet offers and get the best online experience.

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Key 5G benifits
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Network Latency
5G network provides over 50 times lower latency than 4G
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Internet speed
Super Lightening-Fast Speed Downloading speed
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Number of connections
Up to 1 million of connections per square kilometer
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Network Reliability & Security
The Most secure generation of wireless networks yet
  • You can check if you are covered with 5G through Coverage map 
  • Monthly charges are subjected to 16% Tax 
  • Customers will pay upon subscription 3.02 JDs for the 5G Sim card 
  • Offers are subjected to 2 years commitment 
  • you can test the speed over the ethernet cable to get better results. 
  • New customers will have a four-day trial period with 20GB of data to ensure that the service works at their specified location in the contract.
  • Your 5G home bill will be sent to the registered email & mobile number in the contract, and you can inquire about it through our website
  • You can check you remining data bundle through :
  • You can subscribe to Value added services: Orange Cloud, OSN+, Anghami plus , Shahid VIP through


  • Orange guarantees 5G coverage only in the customer’s home address that is registered in the contract & application form.
  • Customers need to check that their devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, .. ) support requested offer speed.
  • Four-days trial period from the activation date (for new subscribers only) without exceeding 20 GB consumption within 4 days from the activation date provided that there is a technical issue at the specified location in the contract according to the technical team’s feedback
  • Customer needs to return the 5G device upon cancelling the line.

Plug and play instructions

Download the Guide for easy steps

How to know if I am covered with 5G ?

Coverage is available in specific areas across the kingdom, and we are working to expand it as soon as possible. Check Coverage  through Coverage map  to enjoy 5G internet offers.

How does this service work?

As a new 5G Home customer, you’ll receive a 5G router for internet connection at the time of your 5G internet offer  application . It will include a Data SIM, all you have to do is to connect them at your home as mentioned the installation manual 

When will I receive my bill (What are the bill cycles)?

We dispatch your bill every 15th of the Month, and will include a month in advance. 

What will the first bill include?

You first bill will include 1 month in advance + the period from the activation date till the bill issuance date 

Will I always get a consistent speed?

Individual speed results will vary as it might be affected by many factors such as the weather, interference from buildings. The areas where in you’ll get the best coverage experience are the following:

  • The 5G Device is Near a window
  • In an open space away from walls, obstructions, heavy-duty appliances, or electronics such as microwave ovens and baby monitors

     Note: it’s always recommended to do the speed test on Ethernet cable and after disconnecting all the devices connected to the network. 

What is the difference between Fiber & 5G Home internet?

There is no direct comparison between fiber and 5G, as each service depends on a different technology:

  • The fiber service is based on fiber optic technology, which includes access to the Internet from the subscriber’s home directly through the fiber optic cable that is connected to the fiber box, where the subscriber gets a fixed, guaranteed and very high speed starting from 200 Mbps and up to 10,000 Mbps Depending on the selected offer.
  • Our 5G internet offer  provides home internet through a 5G router that relies on cellular tower networks with the fifth generation technology 5G that provides high internet speeds (depends on the number of subscribers connected to the same tower at the same time)
  • The 5G service can be compared with the current 4G service, as the 5G home service provides speeds way faster than that of 4G and an extremely low latency to ensure a very distinctive internet experience.

What happens if I don’t have 5G in my Area?

It will automatically connect to 4G.

If I need to cancel my contract early, what fees will I incur?

In case you decide to terminate your contract before the end of your contract duration, you will be charged:

  • 5G monthly fees  for the rest of your commitment period(including 5G router rental) 
  • 5G router Termination fees incase not returned (50JD tax exclusive) 

Can I Switch from my current Orange 4G to 5G Home ?

Yes, you can migrate from 4G Internet everywhere to 5G home if you are an existing subscribe for 5 months and above and under the same national ID 

How can I check my current 5G home remining Data bundle ?

You can check you remining data bundle :

Can I migrate from ADSL to 5G offers ?

Yes, you can migrate from the ADSL service to 5G offers, if your subscription has been active for 5 months and more and under the same national number

How can I get help with any inquiries?

You can get help by dialing from orange mobile line 1777 or through calling 0777700177  From other networks or through whatsapp on 0777700177